The Eurogang Project

A thematic network for comparative and multi-method research on violent youth groups

A growing concern about the emergence of youth gangs and other violent groups throughout Europe has resulted in a series of workshops. The Eurogang network consists of leading European and American researchers in the field. They are now working together to develop a common framework for comparative research, based on standardised methodological instruments and a common research design.

The Eurogang project comprises three primary objectives:

  • To build a foundation of knowledge regarding the European socio-economic conditions and institutional processes that foster or curtail the social exclusion and subsequent emergence and persistence/dissolution of youth gangs and problematic groups;
  • to construct an infrastructure for comparative, multi-method, cross-national research on youth violence in group contexts; and
  • to disseminate and effectively utilize knowledge to inform the development of effective local, national and international responses to emerging youth crime and violence issues.

The Eurogang Manual


 The Eurogang Homepage

The Eurogang website is based on the webserver of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

The Eurogang homepage will be used both for dissemination of information to the public, and for internal coordination of the network.

If you have any relevant information you want to publish on the page, such as new publications, relevant conferences, or invitations to collaborative activities, please send it by email to Prof. Finn-Aage Esbensen [esbensen@umsl.edu]