Kristina Thompson Garrity

Curriculum Vitae: PDF
Dissertation Title:: "Rural Crime and the City: Exploring the Criminological Consequences of Rural-Urban Interdependency"
Dissertation Committee: Matt Vogel (chair), Beth Huebner, Adam Boessen, and Matthew R. Lee
Areas of Interest: Structural and population dynamics; quantitative methods and spatial analyses; urban-rural interdepency.


Jennifer Gerlomes Medel

Curriculum Vitae: PDF
Dissertation Title: Peace at Last or Just a Piece of Paper?: Assessing the Utilization of Civil Protection Orders, Reported Violations, and Subsequent Consequences
Dissertation Committee: David Klinger (chair), Matt Vogel, Karlijn Kuijpers, and Kristin Carbone-Lopez
Areas of Interest: Victimization, domestic violence, reporting patterns, and police-community relations


Paige Vaughn

Curriculum Vitae: CV
Dissertation Title: “Dual Disadvantage: An Examination of Processes Affecting Racial Disparities in Victim and Defendant Criminal Justice Outcomes”
Dissertation Committee: Janet Lauritsen (chair), Richard Rosenfeld, Beth Huebner, David Klinger, and Brian Johnson
Areas of Interest: Punishment; race and inequality; crime control policy