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Student Metro Passes

Metro Passes for currently enrolled students are $25.00. Replacements for lost or stolen Metro passes are limited to one per term at a cost of $25.00.

If I am not enrolled in Summer session courses, can I still obtain a Metro Pass?
No, students must be currently enrolled in the current semester to receive a Metro Pass.

Is the pass valid on both Metrobus and Metrolink?
Yes, you are able to use your pass for both services. You must sign the back of the pass and have your student id in order for the pass to be considered valid. Additionally, the dates of validity on the pass should be legible.  

What about Call-A-Ride Service?
Students who need to utilize Call-A-Ride Services must be registered with Disability Access Services (DAS) and be certified through Metro’s Call-A-Ride Office. Please contact DAS at (314) 516-6554 to learn how to become certified for Call-A-Ride service.

Can I loan my pass to another person?
Loaning passes to others is an inappropriate use of the pass. Students caught loaning their passes to others risk losing their pass and the ability to obtain a pass in the future.            

For more information contact Kasey Fraser-Smith in the Student Affairs Office at (314) 516-4026 or by email at