Verify/Update Phone Numbers and Addresses

To verify or update that the address and phone number(s) associated with your student account, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to MyView using your SSO ID and password. This is the same information you use to access MyGateway.
  • Click on Student Center in the middle of the screen.
  • In the Personal Information Box you will see your Contact Information. Click the Permanent Address


    • If any changes are required, click Add a New Address. Enter the information on the next screen and click OK. On the screen shown below, click all Address Types that your new address pertains to and click Save.     
  • Next, choose the Phone Numbers link to verify all phone numbers associated with your account are correct.
  • Update, Add or Delete any Telephone numbers that are inaccurate on your account and choose which number is your Preferred number by checking the box next to that number. Click Save.