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Direct Deposit

Through Direct Deposit, we can deposit your excess student account funds into the U.S. financial institution of your choice. It’s simple, safe and convenient.

To sign up:

Questions and answers:

Q. Where are my bank routing and account numbers located?

A. Click here for help in locating your bank routing and account numbers from a personal check, or contact your financial institution.

Q. If I have signed up for Direct Deposit in the past, do I need to sign up again for this semester?

A. You do not need to sign up for Direct Deposit each semester. If you have signed up for Direct Deposit in the past, your bank account information will still be in the system. You can verify or change your Direct Deposit account information in MyView by going to: Self Service > Campus Finances > Manage Direct Deposit

Q. When will my funds be available to me?

A. Refunds are processed daily for excess financial aid and other credit balances. Allow 3-5 business days from the day that your refund is processed to receive your refund in your bank account. Click here to find out how to check your refund status in MyView.

Q. Can my refund be deposited in the account of my choice? 

A. Yes, you may choose any account for your direct deposit refund...checking, savings, parents.

Q. How will I know when my refund is posted to my bank account?

A. You will be notified by e-mail at your email address. The email is generally sent 24-48 hours prior to the deposit of funds.  The email will include amount, bank name, checking/savings and date of deposit.  Do not write any checks using your credit balance until you confirm that the funds are available in your account. The University is not responsible for bank charges you may incur by writing checks on an unconfirmed deposit.

Q. What happens if I change banks?

A. You may UPDATE your direct deposit information any time through MyView.

Q. What happens if my refund is not accepted by my bank?

A. If a direct deposit is not accepted by your bank, the Cashier's Office will receive an ACH rejection.  Once the ACH rejection is received, the refund can be reissued.

Q. What are the advantages of direct deposit as opposed to receiving my refund by check in the mail?

A. It could take up to 14 days business days from the day that your refund is processed to receive your refund check in the mail.  The timeframe to receive a refund via direct deposit is 3 to 5 business days.  With direct deposit, there are no lost or stolen checks or delay with the mail.  There is no running to the bank to deposit your funds and waiting for the check to clear.  There are no special arrangements or fear of not receiving your money because you’re not on campus, studying abroad, or not moved into your apartment yet.