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Billing Schedules

Every month, an email is sent to the ( email address notifying students that a bill has been generated and is ready for viewing.  Any authorized payers that the student has set up on eBill will also receive a notification email. 

Spring Jan 10 25% due
Feb 10 33% due
Mar 10 50% due
Apr 10 100% due
Summer May 10 33% due
Jun 10 50% due
Jul 10 100% due
Fall Aug 10 25% due
Sep 10 33% due
Oct 10 50% due
Nov 10 100% due
Dec 10 100% due

A monthly finance charge of 1% of the Adjusted Amount due will be assessed to your student account if you choose to make monthly payments as shown above. If a payment is missed for a billed due date then a $25 late payment fee will be assessed as well.

Any student registering on or after the first day of the semester will be charged a nonrefundable late registration fee of $250.00