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Locker Rental Pricing

Locker Session Date Available to Rent Locker Session Start Date Locker Session Expiration Date Rental Cost
Fall Semester August 1 September 1 December 31 $40 + Pro Rated August
Fall 1/2 Semester October 20 November 1 December 31 $20 + Pro Rated October
Spring Semester December 1 January 1 May 31 $50 + Pro Rated December
Spring 1/2 Semester March 15 April 1 May 31 $20 + Pro Rated March
Summer Semester May 1 June 1 August 31 $30 + Pro Rated May
Summer 1/2 Semester July 15 August 1 August 31 $10 + Pro Rated July

Locker Usage Policies

  • All lockers are the property of the Department of Campus Recreation.
  • Lockers may be used for legitimate recreational purposes only.
  • Any open locker is available for day use only. 
  • Day use lockers found to be in use after close each night will be opened and contents removed by staff.  Contents will be inventoried and stored at equipment issue for 30 days; after which the contents will be discarded or given to charity. 
  • Rental of a locker is first come, first serve at. Only lockers located in the community locker rooms are available for rent. Locks provided by the Recreation and Wellness Center must be used for Rental Lockers. Dependents and members under the age of 16 are not permitted to rent a locker. 
  • Payment for rental lockers is non-refundable.
  • Minors are not eligible to rent a locker however children over the age of 7 may use a locker room unsupervised.
  • For questions or problems members can ask a staff member or go to the Welcome Desk for help. 
  • Certain occasions require Campus Recreation employees to access occupied lockers (i.e., unreturned equipment or facility risk). On these occasions, members will be notified.
  • All lockers are cleared of personal contents on an annual basis for inspection, repair and cleaning. Members will be notified, but if their contents are not removed, contents will be inventoried and stored at Equipment Issue for 30 days; after which the contents will be discarded or given to charity. Please Note: Locker clear out service may be offered in the future for a nominal fee or charged to members’ accounts for the services rendered.
  • Photographic devices may not be used in the locker rooms and restrooms.
  • Family Changing Room is located outside the Natatorium.  Families with small children are encouraged to use that space and the lockers located in that area
  • Children over 4 years of age must use same sex locker room.  

Towel Service

  • Towels are available at the Welcome Desk and Equipment Room and must be returned to one of these two locations. 
  • Large (bath) and small (hand) towels may be used by all members free of charge.
  • Members will be given a choice of a large bath towel or small hand towel and towel will be checked out under their account. 
  • Replacement towels will cost $2.
  • Theft, misuse or damage to towels is subject to loss of membership privileges.  Please Note: If towel loss is deemed too extreme, the department will offer a lesser value towel and may develop a towel fee.