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Fighting Fit

Fighting fit is a martial arts based fitness program created by undefeated world kickboxing champion Dan Isaac. This once a week group class on Mondays from 7-8pm, is 60 minutes in length and includes a 10 minute warm-up, a 15 minute stretching routine, a 15 minute technique workshop and finishes with a 20 minute drill workout set to music. Fighting fit can be practiced by fitness enthusiasts of all ages - so don't just be Fit, be Fighting Fit! This class is included in your membership and does not require advanced registration. Drop in and enjoy the workout! 

Muay Thai Fitness

This class will teach and improve your kickboxing skills. Join Kickboxing World Champion, Daniel Isaac, for an hour lesson on Muay Thai Fitness! Click HERE for more information on upcoming session. 

1 on 1 Kickboxing

Are you enjoying Fighting Fit but looking for something more focused on you? Contact Secily at to set up a consultation for 1 on 1 kickboxing!

Benefits of 1 on 1 Kickboxing

  1. A pre-training assessment which will determine the kind of training workouts which would be suitable for you.
  2. Workouts designed for you whether you are a fitness enthusiast, an athlete or a competitive martial artist.
  3. Workout drills with the boxing mitts, kicking shields and muay thai pads.
  4. Choice of 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.
  5. A full body workout with a focus on balance, coordination, speed, core strength and cardio.

Pricing for 1 on 1 Kickboxing:

Membership Type1 Single Session-
60 min
5 Sessions-60 min10 Sessions-60 min20 Sessions-60 min
Student $35.00 $175.00 ($35.00/session) $320.00 ($32.00/session) $600.00 ($30.00/session)
Other Members $45.00 $210.00 ($42.00/session) $400.00 ($40.00/session) $760.00 ($38.00/session)
Non Members $55.00 $260.00 ($52.00/session) $500.00 ($50.00/session $960.00 ($48.00/session)
Membership Type1 Single Session-
30 min
5 Sessions-30 min10 Sessions-30 min20 Sessions-30 min
Student $20.00 $100.00 ($20.00/session) $190.00 ($19.00/session) $360.00 ($18.00/session)
Other Members $25.00 $120.00 ($24.00/session) $230.00 ($23.00/session) $440.00 ($22.00/session)
Non Members $30.00 $145.00 ($29.00/session) $280.00 ($28.00/session $540.00 ($27.00/session)

All your sessions will be with the undefeated world champ ‘Coach Dan Isaac’.

Meet your Instructor:

Coach Dan Isaac
World Kickboxing Champion [ WKC ] 1993-1995
Founder of ‘Fighting Fit’
Over 25 years of teaching experience in the martial arts
AIMMAA certified Master Instructor - kickboxing / muay thai / boxing
KICK [USA ] certified Kickboxing Instructor
NESTA [USA ] certified Muay Thai Fitness Instructor
Women's self-defense specialist

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