Our annual survey is live! We appreciate your opinion and hope you will find time to provide us with feedback about our services at the Recreation and Wellness Center. The survey shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you have the option to provide us with your contact information to be entered into a drawing for several prizes. Your information will not be linked to your answers, these responses are anonymous. The survey will close Friday March 20th, the drawing for those members who provide their contact information will be done Monday March 30th.

Prizes available in the drawing include:

  • Gift card for the UMSL Bookstore
  • Gift card for the Triton Trading Post (RWC pro-shop)
  • An annual membership
  • Program registration
  • And RWC shirts!

We value your opinion and hope you will make the time to provide us with feedback to help us better serve you!

Below are the responses to the 2018 survey. We thank you for your comments and suggestions.  While we are unable to address every issue brought to our attention, we have made efforts to address the most common mentioned.

We have monitored usage numbers over the past two years of operation, utilizing this data to determine hours for the facility. What is currently in place is the best use of staff and resources based on current usage numbers. We will continue to monitor these numbers as we grow.

We make every effort to inform patrons of closures well in advance when we are able, there are some times when areas of the facility have to be closed on short notice due to safety concerns. We ask for your understanding during maintenance and staff closures, as they are needed to effectively operate and maintain the facility.

Over the course of the year we have made many improvements in the daily cleaning items, and over the summer we can continue to look at ways to improve in this area. We will be installing window shades that will help reduce any glare issues and make evening play easier. We are currently looking to improve the communication between members and staff at the RWC to help with questions about maintenance and timelines of when we anticipate having equipment back up and running. We hope this increased level of communication will reduce any frustration that may arise due to maintenance related issues.   

We are continually working to make sure we maintain the highest standards in the locker rooms and address all issues in a timely manner. One of the major complaints was the issue with the bugs in the locker rooms, and we were successful in solving that problem. We will continue to evaluate how often we send staff through the locker rooms to check for trash and restock toilet paper, soap and shampoo. This year we addressed the slippery floors in the shower area and added Dri-Dek mats to help reduce the chance of slipping. 

  • Based on usage we are unable to have the wall open on weekends. We will continue to look at our facility usage and adjust our hours.
  • A climbing wall attendant is not required to use our bouldering wall. The bouldering wall is open at all times of the facility.
  • Our students are somewhat new to climbing, but are very passionate about what they do. We will continue to work and develop our skills so that we can maintain a safe and fun environment.
  • Our staff is always willing to share their knowledge during their shifts, but we can definitely work to provide a more formal setting with scheduled climbing clinics.

As with the hours of the facility, we have monitored usage of the pool during the first two years of operation, and have determined the hours we have in place to be the best use of staff time and resources. As we see numbers change, we will adjust accordingly.

As we grow our swim lesson program, we will continue to add times to accommodate as many participants as possible.

We have seen an increase in activity in the facility, causing some scheduling challenges on the courts during high use times. We will continue to monitor these activities and adjust accordingly, but will continue to keep one court open for recreation at all times.

We continue to try different classes during different time slots to try and accommodate as many participants as we can. Due to usage numbers, we have had to cancel some classes, but will continue to try different times and formats.

  • Our personal training packages are priced at the most affordable rate within the St. Louis area. In order to hire quality trainers with experience, we have to charge a minimal fee that allows us to operate our program at a competitive level within St. Louis County.
  • If you’re looking for more a more cost efficient route of training we also offer thirty minute sessions.
    • We offer a fee based program called, Healthy Weight Management. This program provides you with two fitness assessments, and an individual workout program that allows you to work out on your own when your schedule permits.
  • We have personal trainers available to train during regular facility hours. You can request a personal trainer to contact you by submitting a Personal Training Request Form. Our trainers will contact you and schedule a FREE consultation.
  • The cost of our personal trainer packages and fees can be found on website.

We continue to work with participants in regards to what sports would be most appropriate to offer. We are limited with outdoor space, which limits are ability to offer many outdoor sports. We will continue to work with participants to offer the best selection of sports possible.