The University of Missouri – St. Louis Business department has many tools to help manage  higher education, but the Marketing and Sales Leadership Institute is one of the best. MSLI is a school affiliated group that is proud to be on the cutting edge of new trends and innovations within the marketing world. The marketing institute provides students, teachers and local businesses with amazing opportunities toward a brighter future. The ideology behind this academic program is to be at the forefront of marketing trends and also be aware of the most effective disciplines to implement within the marketing field.

Marketing and Sales Leadership Institute logo

If you are a student within the marketing and entrepreneurship department there are several ways in which you can benefit from the MSLI program. For starters, MSLI is constantly evolving with the times, which means being current on emerging marketing trends that better prepare you for graduation and beyond. You will also be given the opportunity to challenge yourself by doing interesting research in the marketing department. There is also a dedicated staff that works with MSLI to help give you pointers that will transfer over to your chosen career path.

On top of these benefits, you will have the chance to be exposed to many different internship opportunities that are always being promoted by MSLI. For funding, the institute is proud to work with the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference. The money raised by the conference is put toward various scholarships that you can apply for.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Grant Writing and Support
  • Support Visiting Faculty for Joint Research Opportunities
  • Support Student Scholarships
  • Software and Hardware Needs for Faculty
  • Academic Summits and Symposiums
  • Support Faculty Conference Funding
  • Manage the Marketing Advisory Board
  • Produce Unique Research Papers for Release to Industry
  • Marketing Intern Programs
  • Ensure Marketing Curriculum is Current
  • Support the Research Efforts of Various Businesses
  • Oversee the Development of New Certificates

Learn more about the institute. For companies wishing to become involved with UMSL marketing students and faculty and cutting edge research, contact the Executive Director of the MSLI Dr. Perry Drake at