Having a college degree can be quite an asset in today’s fiercely competitive job market. At the University of Missouri–St. Louis we offer a Bachelor of Liberal Studies for those seeking degree completion. This program offers students the flexibility to tailor coursework to their interests and schedule while completing their college degree. Many of the UMSL online courses capitalize on the highly effective blended method of teaching, often offering courses supported by minimal mandatory class attendance.

A quality education that can take you further

There are a lot of options when it comes to a degree completion program; just searching the web brings up thousands of results. At UMSL, we are focused on providing a quality education in the heart of a thriving metropolitan area. Our physical location combined with our award-winning faculty members and excellent education makes a degree from UMSL unique.

Your classes, at your fingertips

The future of education is moving to an online setting at a record pace and we want to be at the forefront to provide our students with the best options possible. UMSL offers 155 online courses, including general education, to deliver a convenient and flexible option for degree completion. Our online courses are designed with the distinct emphasis on those looking for a program they can plan and control to fit their needs.

Award-winning faculty

At UMSL, our highly-educated faculty adds depth and experience to all of our degree programs. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Liberal Studies have the opportunity to meet and learn from award-winning professors. The multiple options of study offer degree seekers the chance to interact with professors from a wide array of fields giving students a unique experience and a great education.

Where can your 
completed degree take you?

Completing your college degree can take you places, namely further in your career. Whether moving up in your current position or changing your current career to follow a lifelong dream, completing your degree will put you a step ahead. So what can YOU do with a liberal studies degree? The diversity of this program opens a number of industry doors.