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Employment of Foreign Nationals

Hiring foreign nationals involves several steps. For information about the procedures for getting your prospective foreign employee to the United States you should visit the International Student and Scholar website. Click here to go there directly.

The University is required to verify the work authorization of all new employees before the end of their 3rd day of work. Advise your new employees of this federal requirement, and refer them to Sandra Crawshaw to complete Form I-9 and other employment related paperwork. Sandra is responsible for entering the I-9 information into the Department of Homeland Securitys system, E-Verify. Please note: the original Form I-9 is retained by Sandra until an employment authorized response is obtained through E-Verify and then forwarded to Human Resources. In place of the original Form I-9, the employment packet will contain a document entitled, Employment Authorization Currently Being Verified In E-Verify.

With the Internal Revenue Service stepping up their audits of colleges and universities, we must be even more diligent in our efforts to comply with federal tax regulations. Foreign nationals are subject to U.S. Income Tax under a different section of the U.S. Tax Code and employers are required to withhold tax based on that tax law. During her meeting with the new foreign employee, Sandra will collect immigration history that will determine the foreign persons U.S. Income Tax status. She will assist the individual in preparing the W-4 based on the outcome of that tax assessment. Sandra will also examine the possibility of the individual being eligible to claim an income tax treaty exemption.

Please give the completed PAF and Appointment Notification (if applicable) to your new foreign employee and ask him/her to contact Sandra Crawshaw at 516-5229 to schedule an appointment. Her office is located in the Office of International Student and Scholar Services in 261 Millennium Student Center.

Revised February 25, 2011