Transfer Guides help a student attending Jefferson College (JeffCo) to select the best courses for transfer to UMSL for a particular major. Each guide lists the requirements of an Associates degree program at JeffCo and includes certain courses within those requirements that will also apply to the selected UMSL Bachelors degree. Following the plans prescribed in the transfer guides will maximize the transferability and applicability of the student’s Associates degree. Be sure to use these guides in conjunction with advisement from an JeffCo Academic Advisor or an UMSL Transfer Specialist.

All guides are written towards course offerings and degree requirements listed in the 2022/2023 Course Catalogs at UMSL and JeffCo, unless stated otherwise below.

Don’t plan to complete an Associates degree at JeffCo?

If you are not completing an AA, please connect with one of our Transfer Recruitment Specialist for assistance with transfer questions. 

Transfer Guide Process 

Please contact the UMSL Transfer Specialist whom will partner with one of our Admission Transfer Advisors for advisement on which particular courses should be taken at the Community College. Use the following transfer guides to help you select JeffCo courses to fulfill the general education requirements at UMSL as all majors must satisfy these. 

If you do not see your degree guide listed, please contact Zakery Tierney at

For information on Education degrees, please contact Tami Davenport at