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Residency Information

Applicants/students who are determined, by the University, to be non-residents of Missouri are required to complete and file the Petition for Missouri Residency Status (PDF 184KB) and supply the supporting documents, in order to be considered for Missouri residency. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the request for change to Missouri residency. There are no automatic reviews/changes to the residency status. Students who have had the Petition for Missouri Resident Status denied and later feel they have met the requirements, must re-petition, supply all supporting documents, and meet required deadlines.

Students must meet the requirements listed below in order to be classified as a Resident for Fee Purposes:

  1. Cannot be claimed as a dependent in another state. Provide a copy of parent's Federal Income Tax form.
  2. Reside in Missouri continuously for the 12 months prior to the academic term for which residency is being requested. Provide a copy of lease or contract for proof of rent and dated paycheck stubs indicating employment. Provide paycheck stubs to cover time periods when not in class attendance.
  3. Have significant taxable earned income (minimum of $5,000) in Missouri during the 12 months prior to the academic term for which residency is requested. Provide a copy of dated paycheck stubs and/or W-2 and a letter from your employer (on company letterhead) verifying beginning date of current employment and hours worked per week. If you have filed a Missouri Tax form within the past 12 months, submit a copy as well as the Federal Tax return.
  4. Have a valid Missouri Driver's License, a Missouri Voter Registration Card, and, if a car is registered in the student's name, proof of its registration in Missouri.
  5. Noncitizen students may become residents if they have lawful immigration status. This includes many visa types including refugee and asylee. Students holding F, J and M visas are NOT eligible for Missouri in-state tuition.  Students who have permanent resident status (green card holders) may be eligible for in-state tuition as long as they meet the criteria for residency. However, a student who becomes a permanent resident while living in Missouri and is attending the University will not be required to complete a Petition for Missouri Resident Status. Simply, contact the Residency Officer for proper instructions.

Optometry Students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis seeking a change in residency status must present two additional documents:

  • A signed statement from the student of intent to make Missouri his/her permanent state of residence.
  • A written job offer from a licensed practicing Missouri optometrist or ophthalmologist for a position immediately following graduation and licensure.

Members of the Armed Forces: Missouri Revised Statutes-Section 41.890. For the purposes of student resident status, military personnel, when stationed within the state under military orders, their spouses, and their unemancipated children under twenty-four years of age who enroll in a Missouri community college, Missouri college, or Missouri state University shall be regarded as holding Missouri resident status.

The decision of the Campus Residency Officer will not affect the University refund policy nor any other University fees unrelated to residency.

Because the burden of proof of Missouri residency lies with the student, it is important to answer fully all applicable questions and to provide as much supporting material as possible to the Campus Residency Officer at the following address:

Mary Tackett 
Campus Residency Officer
University of Missouri-St. Louis 
351 Millennium Student Center 
One University Blvd 
Saint Louis, MO 63121-4400 

Office: (314) 516-5545


Petition for Missouri Residency

In order for you to file a Petition for Missouri Resident Status (PDF 184KB), you must have applied for admission to the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Each petition from an applicant or accepted student is reviewed individually and in accordance with Tuition Assessment Rules; therefore, it is important that the petition be completed accurately and all required and supporting evidentiary material be submitted with the petition.

It is required that all materials be received by the Campus Residency Officer by the end of the eighth week of the current/future Fall or Spring Semester (by the end of the first week of the current/future Summer Session) for which Missouri Resident Status is sought. Petitions and/or evidentiary material arriving after these deadlines will be considered only for a subsequent semester.

Other conditions and circumstances may result in residency being granted, the policy cited here notwithstanding.