We Need Your Support!

Our goal is to become the first choice university for entrepreneurial minded students. You can help us with this achievement by providing resources and expertise to our programs. The table below shows different ways you can help out. If you have any question about how to make a lasting difference at UMSL Accelerate, please email accelerate@umsl.edu or call 314-516-6294.

How to Contribute

Type How
Give a financial donation Visit UMSL Giving
Become a Corporate "Powered By" company sponsor Email lauerd@umsl.edu
Become an Entrepreneur in Residence mentor Email lauerd@umsl.edu
Speak at a student event Email lauerd@umsl.edu
Become a DEI Accelerator mentor Email lauerd@umsl.edu
Additional contributions Email lauerd@umsl.edu

A Special Thank You to Express Scripts

UMSL Accelerate would like to give Express Scripts a special thanks for providing UMSL Accelerate's seed funding. Just like the entrepreneurs we serve, their funding allowed us to start our different entrepreneur initiatives and gain momentum. Thank you Express Scripts for having faith in our cause and allowing us to offer a variety of resources, otherwise unavailable, to our students entrepreneurs. We are eternally grateful!