Activity 3

From the Mixed-up Budget of ______________________________________________

It's time to see what you learned from Claudia and Jamie's experience.  Listed below are some expenses that a typical kid might have during an average week during the school year.  Mixed up with the expenses are sources of income for a typical kid.

  1. Use the list to make a weekly budget for yourself.
  2. Choose at least five expenses.
  3. Choose at least three sources of income.
  4. Write the expenses and income amounts in the correct columns.
  5. Add all expenses, then add all income.
  6. Make sure that you have enough income to pay for all expenses.  If you don't, you must spend less or add some more income.
  7. If you have more income than expenses, label the difference "saving" and list it under your expense column.

New basketball shoes: $65.00

Walk neighbor's dog, earn $2.00

Weekly allowance: $5.00

Hot fudge sundae: $1.99

Wash the car, earn $3.00

Bubble bath: $4.00

Movie (Sat. afternoon): $3.00

Library fine: 20

Movie (Sat. night): $5.00

English notebook: 75

Popcorn & soda at movie: $6.50

Water plants and earn 50

Clean litter box, earn $1.00

Clean the toilets, earn $1.50

Baby-sit 2 hours, earn $4.00

Play Goofy Golf: $3.00

Soda after volleyball: 50

Baseball cards: $1.50

Donation for poor: 65

Play video game: 75

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