Activity 1

Tons of Terrific Turnips NOT in Tin Cans

Directions: Circle the letter next to the best answer.

  1. Why is Molly sitting at the kitchen table when the story begins?
    1. She is busy planning her Halloween costume.
    2. She is helping prepare turnips for dinner.
    3. She must sit at the table until she eats all her turnips.
    4. She must sit at the table until her brother Ricky eats all his turnips.
  2. Where did Mrs. Gilford, the housekeeper, get the turnips?
    1. There was a big sale on canned turnips at the local grocery store.
    2. They were a gift from the nextdoor neighbor.
    3. Molly's mother, Mrs. McIntire, brought them home from the Red Cross.
    4. They were grown in a "Victory garden" in Molly's back yard.
  3. Why had things been so different at Molly's house for the past 7 months?
    1. Molly's father had gone to serve in the army during the war.
    2. Molly was not getting along with her older sister Jill.
    3. Mrs. Gilford insisted on buying canned turnips as part of the war effort.
    4. Molly's friends Linda and Susan had moved away.
  4. How were soldiers in the war helped if Molly and her family ate turnips from the garden?
    1. Fresh turnips are a good source of vitamins and minerals.
    2. The tin used in cans was saved for war equipment such as weapons and airplanes.
    3. The Red Cross sold the turnips to make extra money.
    4. The turnips reminded Molly of her father who enjoyed gardening.
  5. How did Molly's mother help?
    1. She fussed at Mrs. Gilford for being mean and threw the turnips out.
    2. She insisted that money be used to buy better tasting canned food.
    3. She added some of their butter and sugar "rations" to make the turnips taste better.
    4. She told Ricky and Jill to eat the turnips instead of Molly.
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