Popular courses taken by MS students:

 Note 1: at most 6 credits of remedial courrses can be counted towards the M.S. degree
 Note 2: required to take at least 15 credits at the 5000 level
 Note 3: at most 6 credits of CHEM6905 for non-thesis option, 12 credits for thesis option
 Note 4: 3 credits of CHEM6897 are required but no more than 3 credits can be counted towards the degree

 CHEM4212   Instrumental Analysis  (Remedial course)
                        (Usually offered in Fall)
 CHEM4302   Survey of Physical Chemistry with Application to the Life Sciences  (Remedial course)
                        (Usually offered in Spring)
 CHEM4412   Advanced Inorganic Chemistry  (Remedial course)
                        (Usually offered in Fall)
 CHEM4652   Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds
                        (Usually offered every other Fall)              
 CHEM4712   Biochemistry (Remedial course)
 BIOL4712    (Offered in Fall by the Chemistry department and in Spring by the Biology department.  
                        May also be offered in Summer by the Chemistry Department)         
 CHEM4722   Advanced Biochemistry
                        (Usually offered in Spring)               
 CHEM4772   Physical Biochemistry
                        (Usually offered in Fall)                
 CHEM5422   Coordination Chemistry
                        (Usually offered every other Spring)                  
 CHEM5462   Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Elements     
 CHEM5494   Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry  (can be taken more than once on different topics)         
 CHEM5602   Advanced Organic Chemistry I
                        (Usually offered every other Fall)                     
 CHEM5612   Advanced Organic Chemistry II
                        (Usually offered every other Spring)                 
 CHEM5694   Special Topics in Organic Chemistry  (can be taken more than once on different topics)
                        (Usually offered in Spring)
 CHEM5774    Bioinformatics
                        (Usually offered every other year)
 CHEM5794   Special Topics in Biochemistry  (can be taken more than once on different topics)
                        (Usually offered in Fall and Spring when CHEM5774 is not offered.  Recent topics have included
                          Biological NMR, Proteins as Polymers, and Bioinorganic Chemistry.  Bioinformatics now has
                          its own course number.)   
 CHEM6897   Chemistry Colloquium
                        (Usually offered in the Fall and Spring semesters on Mondays 4-5 pm and Fridays 1-2 pm.  Outside speakers give
                         most of the talks in the Monday series.  Friday seminars are mainly talks delivered by faculty members and
                         students in our department. Most instructors do not require part-time MS students to attend the Friday seminars.)
 CHEM6905   Graduate Research
                        (Every semester.  Needs to line up with a sponsoring faculty member)