Q: How long can I be away from school without being considered as an inactive student and required to apply for readmission?
A: According to the Bulletin of UMSL (2008-2009):
"To remain in good standing, students shall enroll for at least one term each calendar year.  Students not meeting this enrollment requirement will become inactive and be required to reapply.  If students reapply and are readmitted, they will be subject to all regulations in effect at the time of readmission."

Q: Is there a time limit for finishing up a master degree?
A: According to the UMSL Bulletin (2008-2009):
“All courses included in a master's degree program, whether taken at UMSL or at another institution, shall have been completed within six years after enrollment in the first course.”

Q:  What will be tested in the placement examinations?
A: They test materials typically taught in chemistry programs accredited by the American Chemical Society.  Some useful information can be found at their website.