• Bruce A. Wilking
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy,
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis,
  • St.Louis, MO 63121,
  • Work: 314-516-5023
  • FAX: 314-516-6152
  • e-mail: bwilking@umsl.edu
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    Reprints and Preprints

    "Herbig-Haro Objects in the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud"

    "Deep Infrared Imaging of the R Coronae Australis Infrared Cloud Core"

    "Water Masers in the Circumstellar Environments of Young Stellar Objects"

    "Circularly Polarized Radio Emission from an X-Ray Protostar"

    "Spectroscopy of Brown Dwarf Candidates in the Rho Ophiuchi Molecular Core"

    "Distribution and Motion of the Water Masers Near IRAS 05413-0104"

    "Infrared Properties of Weak Radio Sources in the Rho Ophiuchi Molecular Cloud"

    "Overview of Cluster Properties"

    "Spectroscopy of Brown Dwarf Candidates in the NGC 1333 Molecular Cloud"

    "Low-Mass Stars and Substellar Objects in the NGC 1333 Molecular Cloud"

    "Optical Spectroscopy of the Surface Population of the rho Ophiuchi Molecular Cloud: The First Wave of Star Formation"

    "Searching for proto-brown dwarfs: Extending near IR spectroscopy of protostars below the hydrogen burning limit"

    "Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS Observations of NGC 1333: The Ratio of Stars to Substellar Objects"

    "Time-Resolved AU-Scale Jets Traced by Masers in the IRAS 4A/B Regions of NGC 1333"

    "Star Formation in the Rho Ophiuchi Molecular Cloud"

    "Infrared Spectra of Young Star Embedded in the R Coronae Australis Cloud"

    "The Initial Mass Function and Disk Frequency of the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud: An Extinction-Limited Sample"

    "A Proper Motion Study of the Haro 6-10 Outflow: Evidence for a Subsecond Binary?"

    "An Optical Spectroscopic Survey of the Serpens Main Cluster: Evidence for Two Populations?"

    "Relative Proper Motions in the Rho Ophiuchi Cluster"

    FITS Images

    "J, H, K' FITS Images of the R Cr A Cloud"

    "K FITS Image of the NGC1333 Cloud"

    Infrared Spectroscopy

    "NSFCAM Grism Spectra of Late-Type Standards"


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