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Campus Map and Driving Directions

Our Location

The Welcome Center office is located on 257 Millennium Student Center (MSC) on UMSL's North Campus. You can find the location of the Millennium Student Center (MSC) on the campus map located below.


Find your way.

The Millennium Student Center is located in the heart of UMSL's North Campus.

Parking is available in the Millennium Student Center Garages and in Parking Lot E. Or, the UMSL North Campus Metrolink Station is just steps away. If visiting campus during the day, be sure to get a daily parking pass at the Cashier's Office in Room 285 Millennium Student Center.




Directions to UMSL

1) Traveling EAST on Hwy I-70:

2) Traveling WEST on Hwy I-70:

3) Traveling NORTH or SOUTH on Hwy I-170:

4) Traveling West or East on I-270:

5) Traveling North and South on I-270:

6) On I-64/Hwy 40, traveling East:

7) On I-64/Hwy 40, traveling West:

8) Via MetroLink:

9) Using GPS: