What is the StudentPlus Internship Program?

The StudentPlus Internship Program is an on-campus internship/experiential learning program that allows students to gain experiential learning through various university departments, become more engaged with the campus community, and enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities. StudentPlus also places a main focus on degree completion.

StudentPlus Internships

The following departments participate in the program:

Admission                         Nursing

Advancement                   Online Administration

 Alumni                             School of Professional 

Athletics                           and Continuing Studies

Biology                             Psychology

Career Services               Succeed Program

College of Fine Arts         Thomas Jefferson Library

and Communication         E. Desmond Lee Technology

Center for Teaching         and Learning Center

and Learning                    Blanche M. Touhill Performing

Education                         Arts Center

Financial Aid                    Media Studies             

Student Affairs                 Welcome Center

Students can work up to 30 hours every two weeks and remain in the program until they graduate.

StudentPlus Student Testimonials

"As a student living on campus, working outside of campus became a hassle. I often would be too tired to do homework or study after coming home from work because my only option was working evenings. But the StudentPlus Internship Program was the perfect solution. The schedule revolves around school, allowing students to stay on track to graduate. On top of that, students are placed in various offices that provide new experiences that will aid them in the future."-Derria Davis| Major: Psychology | Year: Senior

"The StudentPlus Program has allowed me the opportunity to maintain a job as well as keep my main focus on my education. It has taught me life skills and allowed me to do what I love best, and that's helping people."-Melissa Roth| Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice| Year: Sophomore

"Working as a Peer Advisor at OASIS through the StudentPlus Program has been a truly great experience! I have gained knowledge of higher education practices as well as awesome mentors. This program does an excellent job facilitating networking."-Jaleah Hollis-Williams| Major: Psychology | Year: Senior

"The StudentPlus position allowed me to better familiarize myself with UMSL, become more interested in what is happening on campus, and get involved and meet people outside my classes. Most importantly, I have been gaining knowledge and skills that I can apply to my desired career."-Erika Feckova| Major: Higher Education | Year: Grad Student

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Questions? Contact Yolanda Weathersby,

Director of Student Support Services

(314) 516-5460


Office Administrator

(314) 516-4104

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