Volunteer Services

Volunteer of the Year Recipients


One volunteer per year is chosen as the UMSL Volunteer Services Outstanding Volunteer whose service benefits the campus in a way that is beyond the expectations for the position.

Albert Nall
"Constant Help"

2013 vOY

Albert has been a volunteer in our office since 2011. He has volunteered a total of 540 hours. He has been a constant help in daily office duties, community events, and office research. This year Albert was instrumental in helping our office to produce the video, “Celebrating 50 Years of Fulfilling the Dream,” for the 2013 Dr. King Holiday Observance which was part of the University’s celebration of its 50th anniversary.  Albert did much of the historical research for the film, culling through, year book photos and Current publication articles and pictures.  He also serves on the Dr. King Holiday planning committee and has contributed good ideas about improving the application process for students applying for the Dr. King Scholarship.  

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity


Larry Hasenfratz 
"Invaluable Team Member"

Larry Hasenfratz

"Larry has been a volunteer with the UMSL Executive Leadership Consortium for about 2 years. He is very helpful and dedicated. Larry is the mainstay of the office, as one of his jobs is to serve as the receptionist. Larry is instrumental in welcoming visitors, directing traffic and security. Larry is also co-host of The World View, our show on The U Student Radio. Herein lies his true strength. Larry tackles the tough questions about cultural diversity, the theme of the show, and is very open and respectful. Larry coordinates the Executive Fellows Mentoring Project, making sure students know who their mentors are, and analyzing the results from student evaluations. He also participates in recruiting students and takes photos at our events. He is very intellectual, loyal and committed. He definitely deserves to be recognized for his selfless service."

Malaika Horne - Director, UMSL Executive Leadership Consortium

Susan Erikson
"Dedicated to children"

Susan Erickson

"Susan Erikson has been a volunteer at the University Child Development Center since 2005. She is very dedicated to her volunteer work. Presently Susan works in the infant classroom. She helps with feeding, holding, rocking, and playing with the children. Susan is always willing to hold the fussy baby or rock the hard to put to sleep child for hours! Susan has also worked in other classrooms in the center and is eager to work wherever she is needed. She has read many stories to our early morning two year old children. She doesn't mind doing the daily chores like washing paint cups, wiping noses, and cleaning faces. Her help in the infant room and all the classrooms is so valuable as an extra loving person is always good, especially in the baby room. Susan began her volunteer work before she retired from her postal job and has continued since her retirement. We feel blessed to have Susan as a volunteer in our center. I can't think of anyone more deserving than her for the volunteer of the year award. She has touched the lives of many children at our center and we appreciate her every day. Susan has over 1000 volunteer hours at UMSL with the majority of them at the Child Development Center."

Lynn Navin - Director, Child Development Center

Sue Hinkel

Sue Hinkel

Sue Hinkel has been a member of the Advisory Council for the St. Louis Storytelling Festival for many years and has volunteered in various and many capacities. Over the past year, the College of Education has gone from 6 staff people working on the Festival to 3. Beginning in January, Sue immediately stepped in and volunteered even more of her time; driving from Pacific, MO to the campus 3 and sometimes 4 days each week.
There is no way that I can compensate Sue for the countless hours she has spent volunteering and organizing the many duties required to coordinate an event of this size. Sue gives tirelessly of her time, talents and seems to have unending amounts of energy. She not only donates her personal art supplies, but most importantly, bakes cookies for numerous events throughout the year!
Stephen and I simply could not handle all the details required to sponsor this enormous event without Sue's assistance. I don't know how many hours Sue has actually spent throughout the year, but I know she could be considered a part-time employee. Sue is the most deserving person I know for Volunteer of the Year.

Yvonne Hill
"Spirited Committment"

Yvonne Hill
Yvonne has been volunteering in the Alumni Office for almost 2 years now. On countless occasions, she has volunteered to stay longer and even come in on unscheduled days to complete particular projects. Even though she doesn't collect a paycheck at the end of the day, she takes great pride in doing a thorough job and being part of the Alumni Team. We consider Yvonne a part of the office staff.
Yvonne has done a wide range of projects to assist the alumni office in keeping our graduates connected to their alma mater. From mailing projects , phoning, copying, putting membership packets together, folding t-shirts and even bagging up small packages of red & gold M&M's as gifts for our visiting alumni. Yvonne's assistance on all of these projects has assisted us in getting information out to our alumni in a timely manner.
Yvonne's assistance has allowed freed up staff time to allow us to focus on other projects, planning, meetings, etc. Without her some staff would continue to take projects home with them, stay later or come in early.
Yvonne is extremely committed to everything she does; she is a pleasure to have around.

Annette Harrison, Marilyn Kinsella
& Sherry Norfolk
"25 Years of Dedication"

volunteers of the year

The nomination committee was highly impressed with the accumulative length of time these women have dedicated to the Storytelling Festival- 25 years! More recently, the women worked together to develop an online study guide tool for teachers on behalf of the department of Continuing Education. They were more than willing to volunteer their time, talent, and expertise to accomplish the goals and mission of the festival.

Marilyn Smith
"Warm Spirit"

Those staff members that nominated her used words like competent, pleasant, reliable, organized and friendly, ---but the one that I feel best describes her is "warm spirit". The nominators went on to say that she takes great pride and care in every project in which she has assisted. Her attitude and professionalism is genuine and sincerely appreciated. She is someone we know we can count on.

Mary Wurtz
"Wurtz her Weight in Gold "

Besides her service to Volunteer Services she is an active volunteer for the USO, the Touhill Performing Arts Center and the Storytelling Festival. She has
been a volunteer with Volunteer Services since February 2005. She is always
very giving of her time to our campus. She has been described as a
"professional" in every sense of the word. She works throughout the campus in various volunteer capacities and is committed, polished, inventive and very flexible. Mary is absolutely wonderful with directing traffic to the
special event and making sure that everything goes smoothly!
She makes all visistors to our campus feel welcome and at home.