Volunteer Services

Service Academy


A summer volunteer program for high school students

What is the Service Academy?
The Service Academy is a highly selective 6-week summer program for High School students interested in volunteer opportunities at UMSL. It's designed to provide high school student volunteers with invaluable workforce skills and experience, as well as provide the university with quality, dedicated volunteers.

I thought any high school student could volunteer at UMSL. Why the change?
Any high school student can volunteer at UMSL! To better accommodate the number of students requesting volunteer positions at UMSL, the Service Academy was developed.

What positions are available?
You can review and select from a listing of departments and positions that best fit your interests, availability and skill set. The available positions and work descriptions will be included in the application packet.

When are volunteers required to work?
Main campus hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. Many department supervisors can be flexible with scheduling around your other work obligations or summer activities. Volunteers are NOT guaranteed a specific number of volunteer hours per week. Each participant's actual schedule will vary depending on their placement on campus.

How many volunteer hours are required?
Service Academy team members commit to a minimum of 20 hours over the summer, but most plan to serve many more! Volunteer hours under the minimum will not be verified by the Volunteer Services office.

How do I apply?
Submit a completed Service Academy application which includes 2 letters of reference, by the posted deadline. Applications are reviewed by the Volunteer Services Advisory Board; select students will be invited to interview with the Volunteer Coordinator. The final Service Academy will be chosen amongst the applicants invited to interview.

Who is eligible to apply?
Any student currently enrolled in a local high school at the time of application is eligible to apply for the program.

How many students will be chosen?
The number of students selected will be directly dependent on the number of available placements.

What criteria are important in selecting who gets to participate in the Service Academy?
A position in Service Academy should be treated like a paid employment position. The current Service Academy team all had exemplary letters of recommendation, good communication skills and pleasant attitudes.

The 2014 Application is now available. If you have questions contact Elizabeth Pawloski at pawloskie@umsl.edu or call 314-516-4107. The deadline for completed applications is March 14, 2014.