Who can volunteer?
All full time (non-probationary) UMSL benefit eligible staff can participate in this program.

How can I volunteer?
UMSL staff members will be given up to eight hours/year of paid time to volunteer from the approved listing of volunteer organizations. The time must be pre-approved by the employee’s supervisor, taken in two-hour, half-day or whole-day increments and must not interfere with the regular workload.  Employees will be given time to volunteer during regular working hours (Monday - Friday) and will be asked to provide signed documentation from the organization upon the completion of their service hours.

Where can I volunteer?
A listing of approved volunteer organizations will be made available to each employee and posted on the  Employee Volunteer Program section of the Volunteer Services website.

How can I find an eligible organization?
Click here for a searchable database of approved organizations.

How do I track my hours?
Hours will be tracked and approved by utilizing the leave request process in Time and Labor. (i.e. added as an additional option to pull-down choices of sick leave, personal leave, etc.)


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