Employee Volunteer Programs (EVPs): A planned, managed effort that seeks to motivate and enable employees to effectively volunteer under the sponsorship and leadership of the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus.


In January, it was announced that the University of Missouri-St. Louis had earned a 2010 Community Engagement Classification from the prestigious Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in recognition for its commitment to and engagement with the greater community. To give UMSL employees an opportunity to share in this important recognition and to further engage in the Gateway to Greatness initiative, an Employee Volunteer Program has been developed. Employee volunteer programs allow companies and institutions to foster a more personal link to the community by sharing their human resources with organizations that provide valuable community services. In return, these companies and institutions benefit with more productive, satisfied, and engaged employees, and an improved perception in the community.

Under the UMSL Employee Volunteer Program, eligible UMSL staff employees will receive up to eight hours of non-accruing paid time per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) to volunteer for qualifying volunteer organizations in the Greater St. Louis area. This time may be taken in two-hour, half day or whole day increments at the discretion of the employee during regular working hours subject to pre-approval by the employee's supervisor and the volunteer organization to which the time is being donated. Hours will be reported, tracked, and approved utilizing the Time and Labor system.

The UMSL campus is the first campus in the UM System to implement an Employee Volunteer Program for its staff members. This program will be administered by the Volunteer Services arm of Human Resources.

Employee Volunteer Approval Form

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UMSL Residential Life employees
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