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Our active UMSL volunteers are viewed as a valuable resource to the campus. Being a currently registered UMSL volunteer makes you privileged to many exciting benefits and opportunities on campus.

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2013 Advisory Board

Since 2008, the UMSL Volunteer Services Advisory Board has been an instrumental part of our volunteer team and we are pleased to have new members joining us this year. They have been asked to assist in the development of our goals, design and implement an annual evaluation tool for campus volunteers and departments, represent Volunteer Services at recruitment events and serve as ambassadors for UMSL Volunteer Services in the community.  

Denny Saunders retired from UMSL’s Admissions Department in 2010 and came back to continue his service to the campus. He volunteers on a weekly basis in the Athletic Department.

Uzma Zubrink returned to the campus as a volunteer in 2012 and is currently a PhD candidate in Health Services. She enjoys volunteering in health-related positions on campus.

Laura Watt received her Master’s in Higher Education from UMSL in 2011 and has served as a valued volunteer in various departments on campus –most recently in the Alumni/Community Relations Office. She is an active volunteer in the community serving at the Campbell House Museum since high school.

Larry Hasenfratz has volunteered with the Executive Leadership Consortium since 2010. He also can be heard on the U Radio station hosting the University World View at 1pm each Monday. Larry was selected as the UMSL 2012 Volunteer of the Year. He also serves as the Assistant Football Coach for the Trinity Titans High School Team.