Volunteer Services

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While the concept of volunteerism is deep-rooted in our society, a formalized Volunteer Services Program is a recent addition to the UMSL campus. Volunteers are an integral part of the UMSL community. The objective of the UMSL Volunteer Services Program is to help the University achieve its mission of meeting the educational, professional, economic and community needs of the St. Louis area, while enhancing community interest and involvement at the University of Missouri - St. Louis by providing the public with an opportunity to serve the campus community in a variety of capacities.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis Volunteer Services program is intended to give local residents and students exposure to an institution of higher education and an opportunity to serve the community by providing support to the overall mission of UMSL, at the same time providing an opportunity for alumni, former employees and retirees to continue relationships with the University of Missouri-St. Louis.