Volunteer Services



I would like to apply for an opportunity. What can I do? 
Click here for more information on applying.

Can I contact the department for more information on a specific opportunity?
No. Unfortunately, we cannot release the names of the department supervisors for the opportunities we have available. If we did so, they would be getting numerous calls which may interfere with their regular job duties. That is what we are here for – please call our office with any questions or concerns. If you have additional questions we cannot answer - feel free to ask the department supervisors in the interview prior to beginning volunteering.

I would like to set up an interview/orientation. How should I go about doing that? 
A member of our staff will contact you within two days of receiving your application to schedule an interview with the Volunteer Director, Elizabeth Pawloski. We schedule interviews Monday through Friday :00am to 1:00pm. If you have not yet filled out an application and would like to meet with the Volunteer Director please contact our office at 314.516.4107. We are happy to accommodate you in this matter.

Is a background check required? Are there any other requirements I need to be aware of?
All volunteers, eighteen years of age and older, are required to have a state criminal background check under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Volunteer Services incurs all costs. The University of Missouri has the right to check the criminal conviction records of any volunteer. Consideration will be given to the relationship between the conviction and the responsibilities of the position that is or will be held. To make the process of conducting a background search more accurate, volunteers will be required to furnish their social security number and birth date. This personal information will be kept confidential, and will be used for no other purposes than completing background checks.

Volunteer opportunities in which volunteers will be working with children require them to register with the Family Care Safety Registry Act. This act establishes the Family Care Safety Act that provides criminal background information on child care workers, elderly care workers, and care providers.

The Department of Health, in collaboration with the Departments of Corrections, Public Safety, and Social Services, maintains a toll free Family Care Safety Telephone Access Service which allows the public to access certain registry information pertinent to care providers.

Some opportunities you are interested in applying for may requires certain skills or experience, such as a minimum typing speed, attention to detail, proficiency in various computer software programs, and/or teaching experience. Each opportunity varies.

What are the benefits of volunteering on the UMSL campus?
Exposure to an institution of higher education and an opportunity to serve the community by providing support to the overall mission of UMSL -- educate traditional and nontraditional students in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs so that they may provide leadership in health professions, liberal and fine arts, science and technology, and metropolitan affairs, such as business, education, and public policy. University research advances knowledge in all areas, and, through outreach and public service, assists in solving, in particular, problems of the St. Louis region.

Active volunteers over 18 are offered a wide range of benefits, including library usage, discounts, and uniform components on the UMSL campus. Click for a complete listing of all volunteer benefits.

What age must you be to volunteer on the campus? 
Currently we have high school students and community volunteers, ranging in age from 14 to 80+ years of age, serving in volunteer opportunities throughout the UMSL campus. We are willing to accept volunteer of all ages. Those younger than 13 years of age may be eligible for special projects on campus with proper adult supervision.

When can I volunteer?
The majority of our volunteer positions take place between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. However, there are certain opportunities which do fall on the evenings and weekends.

How do I submit my volunteer hours?
The volunteer time sheets can be submitted online.

If you do not have internet access, you may contact the Volunteer Services office at 314.516.4107 for paper time sheets. Paper time sheets can be submitted via regular mail or campus mail. For those volunteers choosing campus mail your department supervisor will provide you with the appropriate envelopes.

*A separate time sheet must be filled out for each separate week. Time sheets are subject to department approval. Be sure to include the approving supervisor’s name.

Are there training opportunities available for volunteers?
All volunteers must attend a one-on-one orientation session with the Volunteer Director which is usually held in conjunction with the interview process.  At this session, volunteers will receive a Volunteer Handbook (VS-19) and other additional materials as needed. This training covers the history of the University System, expectations of volunteers, the unique staff/volunteer partnership and the benefits of volunteering.

Upon receiving their respective assignment, volunteers will be given the training/tools necessary in order to complete the desired task. Staff members in the department will be responsible for keeping volunteers updated on changes to task responsibilities.