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Faculty & Staff Resources

SRS is committed to working with all campus constituents, including faculty and staff, to ensure that our students are successful!  Our Faculty & Staff Resource page provides information, tools, and guides that maximizes opportunities for student success in your courses. 

Through SRS, we provide a variety of services for instructional faculty and staff:

In addition, we also provide support to instructional faculty and staff for meeting the needs of "at-risk" students.  By working in a collaborative and cooperative relationship, it is our goal to help students rise to the challenge of their academic coursework and achieve the success they desire. 

Do you feel as though a student may need a referral to a campus resource or support service? Learn more (PDF 162KB) about making SMART CONNECTIONS!

If you have any additional questions, or if you would like to learn more about how you can team up with SRS in our student success efforts, contact Christopher Miller at (314) 516-6795.