NOVEMBER 1st @ 3 PM - Resiliency, Mindset and Success
NOVEMBER 8th @ 2 PM - Study Skills Boot Camp
NOVEMBER 10th @ 11 AM - Time Management:  The Final Countdown
NOVEMBER 15th @ 3 PM - Active Reading
NOVEMBER 17th @ 2 PM - Overcoming Procrastination
DECEMBER 5th @ 3 PM - Test Anxiety
DECEMBER 6th @ 3:30 PM - Test Taking
DECEMBER 8th @ 12 PM - Finals Preparation
(the 3 December workshops are the last 3 in Fall Semester series of workshops from Student Retention Services)


All students new to academic recovery must complete an academic standing meeting!

This module may also be taken on-line.  Log into your MyGateway account, look for My Organizations, then look for Student Retention Services under that heading.  Click on the Student Retention Services link, the next page will have another link "SRS Online Workshops", click on that to open up available online workshops.

All workshops and academic standing meetings are held in 225 MSC.