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Triton Tips for Academic Success

Adjusting to college life can be hard, whether you are coming from high school, the workforce, or just wanting a change.  Below are a few tips we have to help you be academically successful:

Be Ready and Set TO GO!

Preparation is the key to starting any class, semester, or even study session off to the right start. Buy all your books ahead of time & try to review any course information (i.e. syllabus) that is available on BlackBoard before the start of class.

Know Your Learning Style!

Everyone learns a bit differently and it is up to you to discover your learning style. This can help you study more effectively and efficiently.

Answer these series of questions to determine positive ways to study: 

In addition to self-reflection, click here to learn how to utilize different learning styles.

Learn Time Management!  Timing is Everything!

Do you ever find that 24 hours in a day is simply not enough? That it is hard to keep up with your readings and assignments? Time management can often be a big barrier for success for students entering into college.

Want to figure out where your time is going?  Click here to take a quick assessment!  Then, click here to create a schedule and reflect your priorities.

Remember it is suggested that for every 1 hour you spend in class 2-3 hours should be spent outside of class covering the material!

Start and End the Semester Organized!

Familiarize yourself with your class schedule and block off times for study ahead of time in a planner or weekly calendar. It is important to structure your study time into your life in order to incorporate school as a priority as well as leave yourself time for important activities such as socializing and exercise.

Find that writing in a planner isn’t for you? Organize on your mobile, utilizing the notes or task manager functions.

Sometimes it can be hard to organize all the tasks on your to-do list. Check out this activity to help you break down and prioritize the sometimes overwhelming to-do list : 

Keep the Lines of Communication Open!

You are here to learn and get a degree, so it’s important that you are communicating with your professor or a mentor when you don’t understand a concept in your class. Many classes within your major will build on certain foundational principles and you will be expected to understand them as you progress through your degree.

If you are uncertain with how to communicate with your professor, use our invitation guide!

It is also important to communicate with your professor AHEAD of time when life circumstances occur and you are not able to attend a course.    

Learn how to prepare successfully for Tests!

Test in college tend to be more application driven and therefore will require more preparation than you may be used to! Check out our Test Preparation Checklist!