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Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP)

The NSTP is a paid three-to-four week clinical elective for Army ROTC nurse cadets. Attendance is voluntary. Our affiliated nursing school awards academic credit for this program.

This elective is conducted at Army hospitals in the United States, Germany and Korea. You get paid while attending NSTP during the same summer as Advanced Camp, which is usually between the Junior and Senior year of college.During the NSTP clinical elective, you will receive "hands on" experience under the direct supervision of a preceptor -- an Army Nurse Corps officer who works with you one-on-one. Regular coaching sessions enhances your progress, while also providing feedback about your performance.

While you follow the same duty schedule as your preceptor, you could receive training in such areas as patient assessment ... planning of patient care ... nutrition maintenance and feeding techniques ... range of motion and mobility ... medication administration ... emergency procedures ... intravenous (IV) therapy ... and other special procedures and techniques.

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