The planetarium presentation consists of a slideshow and a Spitz A-4 Star Projector show on  the dome.  We will be upgrading the projector to a Spitz SciDome HD Digital Projection System in April of 2015.  The slideshow covers topics such as
  • The solar system, including the Sun
  • Stellar evolution
  • Galaxies
These slides are designed to introduce students to some of the processes that take place in space and to provide illustrations to objects that they can’t physically touch or see with their own eyes.
The projector show opens with a view of the sky from St. Louis at twilight.  This is followed by discussions and demonstrations of
  • Some of the major constellations
  • The Sun’s daily motion (due to Earth’s rotation) and how to measure a day
  • The Sun’s annual motion (due to Earth’s orbit) and how to measure a year, along with the seasons
  • The night sky at the North Pole and circumpolar stars
  • The night sky at the equator
Other topics can be covered as well, including the phases of the Moon and light pollution.