photo of primm

James Neal Primm, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus

Professor Primm was born in Edina, Missouri and educated at Northeast Missouri State University. After active duty in the Navy during World War II, he received his graduate training and Ph.D. at the University of Missouri-Columbia and was eventually appointed Associate Professor of History and Director of the Western Historical Manuscripts Collection. Between 1958 and 1965 he served as Dean,Vice President, and President of Hiram College, but returned in 1965 to become chairman of the history department at the newly founded University of Missouri-St. Louis. His publications include Economic Policy in the Development of a Western State; The American Experience; Lion of the Valley: St. Louis, Missouri; and, A Forgone Conclusion:The Founding of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He is a former member of the board of the Missouri Historical Society and in 1987 was named Curators' Professor of History in honor of his many contributions to scholarship, the University and the community.