Dr. Nikos Poulopoulos



       Dr. Nikos Poulopoulos:

       Visiting Professor of Greek and European Studies


         Originally from Corinth, Greece, Nikos Poulopoulos was educated 
         in Classics and Archaeology at the University of California at                                                       
         Berkeley, and in Modern Greek Studies and Philology at Harvard University.  

         His interests lie in the history of ideas and the cultural                                           
         history and poetics of Greece in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, 
         particularly narratives of crypto-colonialism, bio-mythologies                                               
         and reception studies.  He recently edited a volume on the literature of 
         the Greek Civil War for the journal Hellenic Studies. He is                                                 
         currently working on two separate projects: American Dystopia in Greek Modernity, 
         and Graeculi and Roman Studies in nineteenth  century Greece.                           

         To contact Dr. Poulopoulos, please email to poulopoulosn@umsl.edu