Technical Writing Certificate


Students earn the Certificate in Writing by completing 18 hours in selected writing courses with a grade point average of 3.0 or better. The technical writing emphasis provides a more career-specific strategy for students enrolled in the writing certificate program. The specific requirements for the Technical Writing Emphasis are listed below.

Courses for the certificate should be chosen with the guidance of Jeanne Allison, program coordinator (447 Lucas Hall, 516-5587, allisonjea@umsl.edu). This form should be turned in to the coordinator and updated each semester. If the student elects to complete English 4890 as one of the courses for the certificate, he or she should schedule a meeting with the coordinator to make arrangements for this final project.

When the student has completed requirements for the certificate, the coordinator will notify the university registrar and the college from which the student will graduate. Upon the student's graduation, completion of the Certificate in Writing will be noted on the official transcript and a certificate will be mailed to the student's residence. Students who have graduated before completing the Certificate in Writing will receive the certificate in the mail and will have the certificate entered on their official transcripts.

The technical writing emphasis is composed of three required courses:

EN 3130 Technical Writing
EN 4860 Editing
EN 4870 Advanced Business and Technical Writing


EN 4890 Writing Internship

In addition, students take three electives chosen from the following, for a total of 18 hours:

Business Administration

1800 Computers and Information Systems
3100 Contemporary Business Communication


1065 Introduction to Information Technology

Computer Science

1250 Introduction to Computer Science (Prerequisite: Math 30, College Algebra)


3120 Business Writing (See Coordinator for Waiver to be admitted to course)*
3140 News Writing (Media 3214)
3150 Feature Writing (Media 3150) 
3160 Writing in the Sciences
3280 Public Relations Writing (Media 2228)
4870 Advanced Business and Technical Writing (if 4890 is taken as a requirement)
4890 Writing Internship (if 4870 is taken as a requirement).