Benjamin Torbert


torbimageAssociate Professor
422 Lucas Hall

Ph.D. in English, Linguistics concentration, Duke University
M.A. in English, Linguistics concentration, North Carolina State University
B.A. in Classical Languages, Duke University

A sociolinguist, Benjamin Torbert studies the relationships between dialect and regional and ethnic identity, especially in the American South and among Native Americans.  He has authored and co-authored publications on language variety in American SpeechSouthern Journal of Linguistics, the de Gruyter World Atlas of Varieties of English, and in other venues.  Other interests include pedagogy in the teaching of Linguistics, syntax in English-language literature, and portrayals of vernacular speakers in television and in film.  He will serve as the Director of the MA program in English starting in AY 2014-15.

Courses taught at UMSL

HON 3010 and EN 5950/Language, Ethnicity, and Inequality in HBO's The Wire 
HON 3010/The Linguistic Study of African American English 

EN 4800/Introduction to Linguistics 

EN 4810/Descriptive English Grammar 

EN 4820/History of the English Language 

EN 5800/Variety in Language 

Curriculum Vitae