Nancy Robb Singer


Assistant Professor, English/Teaching and Learning
443 Lucas Hall

PhD, University of Missouri-St. Louis
M Ed, University of Missouri-Columbia
BS Ed., University of Missouri-Columbia

Dr. Singer co-directs the English Education program at UMSL. Her primary teaching responsibilities include undergraduate English education methods courses, student teacher supervision, and student teaching seminar. In addition, she teaches graduate courses in composition.

Her research interests include teacher preparation and induction, composition theory and research, educational technology in teacher education and in composition, and writing assessment.

Dr. Singer also serves as co-director for the Gateway Writing Project. In this capacity she conducts in-service presentations and research with classroom teachers.

Grants and Projects

Dr. Singer is a participating faculty member in the NSF-funded SciJourn (Science Literacy through Science Journalism) grant that will run through 2012. With this grant, Dr. Singer is investigating the sustainability of the teacher professional development and the impact the model has on student writing in science.

Dr. Singer has also been actively involved in research that addresses teacher preparation and retention. These projects have included online support of novice teachers, investigation of how teachers create and perceive their professional identities and philosophies, and mentoring of teachers preparing for jobs hard-to-staff schools.

Recent Paper Presentations

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