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About me:  I am an assistant professor of anthropology at UM-St. Louis.  I studied anthropology at the Australian National University, and have conducted research in urban Australia and in the Middle East.  My current research focuses on Arabic grammar instruction in the Middle East.  I am particularly interested in cognition, knowledge and scholarship as culturally and socially embedded processes.  Otherwise, my research has dealt with such themes as kinship, gender and sexuality, again with a strong emphasis on cognition, and with such issues as epistemology, methodology and the ontology of social sciences. These themes are also central components of my teaching.  You can find out more by using the links on the panel above.

About the site: The links in the panel on top lead to different pages within this site that contain more information about my research, my publications and my teaching.  The left panel contains links to the different bodies on campus with which I am affiliated.  Other relevant links (which vary from page to page) can be found on the right panel.

This web page and the others in this site are supposed to be easily viewed with all major browsers.  If there are any problems with the way the pages appear, or if you have any suggestions for improvement of the content or the presentation, please let me know.

What's New on the site?  Other than this page, not much.  In fact, this is the first time I have updated anything on this site since June 2006.  Over the next few weeks I will update more of the material, so please visit again sometime soon.    

A.J. Uhlmann, Department of Anthropology, Clark Hall 507, University of Missouri - St. Louis, One University Blvd. - St. Louis, MO 63121 USA
Phone +1 314-516-6024; Fax +1 314 516-7235
Email  uhlmanna AT umsl DOT edu
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