Julia Thompson

Prof. of Physics, Univ. of Pittsburgh

Adj. Prof. of Physics, Univ. of Missouri at St. Louis (UMSL)

Work prior to 2003

1) In 2000, Thompson and Kraus worked with Grace Schoonover, an REU student at Pitt, on setting up the GPS unit, and comparing GPS position with position from geological survey maps.

2) In 2000-2001, Thompson and Kraus worked with Ms. Julie Breden of Southwest High School, introducing cosmic ray detectors into her classroom. Through about 4 visits with students present, and additional visits to set up equipment, the students built and tested scintillator paddles, including checking the ambient cosmic ray flux with them. Ms. Breden presented this work at the spring AAPT meeting at Elsah, Illinois, and continued work with Thompson and Kraus in the summer through the REU program described below.

3) In summer 2001, Thompson and Kraus worked with REUPSILL , a version of REUPFOM based at Southern University of Illinois at Edwardsville. REUPFOM students Drew Thomas, Elizabeth Weber, and Oluwafemi Osidipe and RET high school teachers Julie Breden and Cliff Parker to prepare and test a stack made of 6 large counters.

4) In 2002, Thompson and Kraus worked with Lenka Raska on a cosmic ray telescope for which the counting rates were compared with the large stack the previous summer. The somewhat larger rate was postulated to be part penetrating muons and part some softer electromagnetic activity (e.g., delta rays?) associated with penetrating muons.

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