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More Leary Smear

The FBI may now count Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn among its allies in the attempt to make Tim Leary look bad. In the July 7 edition of the Anderson Valley Advertiser, the two writers offer their own remarkably unfocussed critique of the doctor. According to St. Clair/Cockbum, it "seems likely" that Leary's personality test might have attracted the attention of Dr. Harold Murray, who experimented on Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. This seeming liklihood was "no doubt" accompanied by money paid to Leary. Solid research this. Leary was on the mark, though, according to the columnists, when he characterized the CIA as liberal.

Wackenhut Prisons

This story follows up on Steamshovel reports about the spreading influence of Wackenhut, the private security force at Area 51, in prison systems throughout the world. The previous report noted that England's Home Secretary was allowing the compnay to bid on providing security services to prisons in the UK.

(from The Courier Mail (Brisbane) 24.7.99)


A MASSIVE United States company accused of doctoring computer software to allow the CIA to spy on foreign governments is running key Australian jails and detention centres, including Brisbane's high-security Arthur Gorrie prison.

The company, Wackenhut, also has been linked to joint ventures to produce chemical and biological weapons, machine guns and devastating fuel-air explosives.

It recruits many of the top people for its 70,000 global workforce from intelligence agencies such as the FBI and CIA, the US military and law enforcement agencies.

Company founder George Wackenhut has denied it is an arm of the CIA but the group has faced repeated accusations of allowing its worldwide structure to be a front for spying.

In Australia, directors of company subsidiaries also have pointed out that Wackenhut Corrections Corporation is a different Organisation to The Wackenhut Corporation and listed separately on the stock exchange.

Within 13 months of Wackenhut's subsidiary - Australasian Correctional Management - taking over Arthur Gorrie jail, four im-nates committed suicide, another died in mysterious circumstances, an imnate was set on fire and gang rape was alleged to have been common.

One of ACM's officers, a tough-talking former US Marines colonel with a bent for discipline, was replaced as Arthur Gorrie general manager after a jail riot and lob bying by Brisbane's Prisoners Legal Service.

Wackenhut offshoots run immigration detention centres at Port Hedland in Western Australia, Villawood in Sydney, Maribymong in Victoria and in Perth.

Recent influxes of illegal immigrants from communist China into Australia and an array of boat people from remote locations in South-East Asia could make detention centres a prime target for covert intelligence.

The company also controls Junce prison in NSW and the Fulham Correctional Centre near Sale in Victoria.

In 1991 and 1992, Wackenhut was named at two US Congressional inquiries. Allegations included tampering with a computer software program for CIA spying operations and mounting an aggressive surveillance campaign on an oil industry whistleblower in Alaska.

The group created in 1954 by Mr Wackenhut, a former FBI agent, and now operating in 50 countries, has faced claims it allows its corporate identity to shield covert CIA operations.

An Immigration Department source said the Wackenhut subsidiaries survived a "fairly rigorous probity investigation" before winning contracts in Australia. He said the contract allowed the department to closely monitor the company's performance.

Although Wackenhut subsidiaries ACM and Australian Correctional Services run the private jails and immigration detention centres, business records list the address of the holding company as "unknown".

Space/Time Resettlement

Roy Lisker writes:

" Current analysis suggests that JFK Jr. passed through the Montauk vortex in an attempt to change history and make the assassination attempt against hisfather in 1963 succeed, burdened as he was by that shadow of celebrity. Further updates as the space-time continuum resettles "


This must be the crowning moment of Steamshovel's career. A revelation about the true DEEP STRUCTURE of the JFK assassination that is so deeply true, because it is so deeply American that it cannot be other than the truth! Now, where the hell is this Montauk vortex? It can't be in Montauk because I was there once, and all I recall of it is that the town is so filthy rich, they actually raised money to pay the telephone company to bury the telephone wires underground! There's not a telephone line in all of Montauk, which makes perfect sense, since you couldn't possibly have a gigantic cosmic structure the size of the Montauk vortex in any place where it's likely to get tangled up with telephone wires.

Now I was thinking that you ought to send this theory to Stephen Hawking. You realize, of course, that his Multiple Sclerosis was manufactured by the CIA to force him to spend his life in a wheelchair so that he could come up with cosmic theories that might help us to build weapons to contain the Communist menace. He would be very interested to learn that JFK Jr. was sucked into a vortex predicted by his celebrated paper on the surface temperature of Black Holes written in 1965. He must be feeling pretty guilty by now, given that he already knew that anyone flying aircraft in that region didn't have a chance. However, if he's kept silence, it's because after his conversation with the Pope in the 80's, (when he told Popi-Opi that God did not intervene in the Big Bang) , he's been on the Vatican hit list, and needs to watch every move ( Those he's able to make, naturally).

There is a grim side to all this, which is that Rae Shortt, the individual pilloried in my famous article in Steamshovel Press # 15 "The University and the Ghetto Mind" (who also had Multiple Sclerosis), shot himself fatally on the stairwell leading to the Wesleyan Math department on July 11th. I wish this were a conspiracy joke, but unfortunately it really happened. Now I have trouble not feeling guilty, although I doubt very much that my unflattering portrait of him had much to do with his suicide. In fact he'd told people years ago that if his system began to deteriorate irreversibly he would kill himself. One can argue that he might have waited to see if, like Hawking, the deterioration would halt, but that's telling people what to do with their lives.

Yea, Steamshovel! Yea, Montauk Vortex! Yea, Diane,the victims of the Littleton massacre, JFK Jr., and all the other folks around the Hale-Bopp comet, who traded celebrity in life for even greater celebrity in death. Yea Rupert Murdoch, who's made this kind of sick stupid journalism as universal as Coca-Cola!. And, yea! Steamshovel! for fighting the evil oozing of the cancer of air-brain brain-dead dead- celebrity journalism with every tooth and nail in its arsenal!!

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