What's The Frequency, Dan?

The Summer 1995 issue of Paranoia includes an article excerpted from Monte Evans' not-currently-available book The Rather Narrative that takes a good look at the newsman's involvement with the JFK assassination cover-up. In addition to the well-known lore of Rather's mis-reporting the JFK's backward head snap on the Zapruder film, the excerpt includes three revealing pieces of research: David Lifton's discovering that the CIA's National Photo Interpretation Center possibly had the Z-film on 11/22/63 (which might explain the film's mysterious splices); David Belin's assertion that Rather took the film from Zapruder that night; and the editing of Rather's biography, The Camera Never Blinks, to remove reference to the reporter's round-trip to Uvalde, Texas on the day of the assassination to interview former Vice President John Nance Gardner just prior to the assassination. This last fact is significant in that the 600 mile-long trip from Uvalde to Dallas, and the lack of commercial air traffic between the cities, necessitated the use of a private (agency owned?) jet. The article includes many similar tidbits and comes highly recommended. Return to Steamshovel Home Page * * *