Monicagate, Watergate, JFK

by Peter Dale Scott

In Deep Politics and the Death of JFK I write that study of any one of our deep political crises will tell you more about the rest. Apparently this prediction holds true for Monicagate as well.

I am not talking about the recurrence of Washington lawyers like Robert Bennett and Charles Ruff, who moved into the Washington mainstream with Watergate, and now represent Clinton. Nothing surprising or instructive about that. (I haven't checked to see if the two Robert Bennetts are in fact one and the same, but think it likely.)

But did you notice that the person who forwarded Linda Tripp's tapes of Lewinsky to the FBI was a book agent and pseudo-journalist called Lucianne Goldberg, who in 1972 "told the McGovern campaign that she worked for the North American Newspaper Alliance"? Goldberg's role was not simply that of a cut-out or messenger for Linda Tripp. On Jan. 22 she told the press "that she encouraged her friend Linda Tripp... to tape conversations with intern Monica Lewinsky." (All quotations are from an article in the January 23 San Francisco Chronicle, p. A11. She kept the tapes for Tripp and later turned them over to the FBI. If Tripp instigated Lewinsky, it would appear that Goldberg instigated Tripp.

Both Tripp and Goldberg are apparently Republicans. Tripp was one of only two holdovers from the Bush White House. Goldberg was exposed in 1973 as "a spy for Nixon while she traveled with the press corps" covering McGovern's 1972 campaign. It was at this time that she said she worked for NANA (North American Newspaper Alliance), and supplied an address for NANA which "is the same as her current residence" in Manhattan. Watergate investigators "said the Nixon campaign paid her $1,000 a week."

Not mentioned in today's story is the relevant fact in 1972, as today, Lucianne Goldberg was snooping for sex. She told the late Anthony Lukas (Nightmare, p. 161) that the Nixon people "were looking for really dirty stuff...who was sleeping with whom, what the Secret Servicem men were doing with the stewardesses, who was smoking pot on the plane -- that sort of thing."


Friday 23 January 1998 6:39 AM EST

Sex Scandal Figure Had Role in Nixon Campaign

By Gene Gibbons

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Manhattan book agent helping to fan the flames of the sex scandal that threatens to engulf Bill Clinton's presidency spied on Democrat George McGovern for the Nixon re-election campaign in 1972.

Lucianne Goldberg's involvement surfaced Thursday after she said she had recordings of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky telling of an illicit affair with Clinton and of him urging her to cover it up by lying under oath to lawyers in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

The tapes were surreptitiously recorded by Lewinsky co-worker Linda Tripp, whom Goldberg said has been a friend since 1993.

Reached by telephone at her home in New York, Goldberg told Reuters Tripp made the tapes "at my suggestion because she needed to be protected."

"I'm a friend of Linda's. My only subjectiveness is that I like Linda, and Linda asked me to help her," Goldberg said.

The allegations on the tapes, which the president has denied, have plunged Clinton into the gravest crisis of his presidency. Legal experts said that if the charges are true, it could trigger a push for impeachment.

Goldberg said she had only listened to two of the 20 tapes of telephone conversations between Tripp and Lewinsky. "I believe these women ... It's true. You can't listen to these tapes and not know it's true," she told Reuters.

Ironically, Goldberg played a bit part in the impeachment drama that ultimately drove Richard Nixon from the presidency in 1974.

In 1972, a Nixon campaign strategist tapped Goldberg to work as a spy on George McGovern's campaign plane, where she posed as a magazine writer covering the Democratic presidential candidate.

Her role in the Nixon campaign came to light a year later during the Watergate investigation, which revealed that Nixon's re-election campaign conducted an extensive political dirty tricks operation to damage Nixon's Democratic rivals and derail McGovern's bid for the White House.

"I was working for Murray Chotiner," Goldberg told Reuters, referring to a Nixon political operative known for his slashing campaign tactics.

Asked if she was part of the Nixon dirty tricks operation, Goldberg said: "Well, they called it dirty tricks at the time, but I was not part of any dirty tricks thing."

On the current scandal, Goldberg said Tripp had given her the tapes and that she turned them over to Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr.

"I was subpoenaed. That's how he got them. He sent the FBI around and they gave me the subpoena and my lawyer gave them the tapes and I don't have them any more," Goldberg said.

Starr has expanded his investigation to look into the sex scandal, which potentially involves several serious felonies, including suborning perjury and obstruction of justice.


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Serious students of the JFK Assassination have long been interested in NANA, which supplied Priscilla Johnson (better known now as Priscilla McMillan) with the job (or, to some, cover) by which she voyaged to Moscow and there interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald on the urging of U.S. Consul Snyder. After the assassination, Johnson developed a close relationship with Marina Oswald, in connection with a book contract originally arranged by C.D. Jackson of Life Magazine at the urging of Allen Dulles.

NANA was created by a senior veteran of OSS, Ernest Cuneo, and continued to have intelligence connections. In 1963, before the assassination, it had come under Congressional scrutiny for publishing Chinese Nationalist propaganda, for which it had been paid large sums without registering as a foreign agent. At this same time its President, Ernest Cuneo, was a member of the Citizens' Committee for a Free Cuba, a group calling in 1963 for a more militant anti-Castro policy, and meeting with dissident Cuban exiles.

I am not here suggesting anything about the guilt or innocence of Clinton, only that at least one of the people making his life difficult has a background suggestive of past intrigues. I hope that someone reading this can check Lucianne Goldberg's current address, and see if in fact (as she alleged) it was also the address of NANA. Feel free to forward this.

Mysterious Death of Mary Caitrin Mahoney

Hidden behind all the attention drawn to activities in the life of Monica Lewinsky lies the unsolved murder of another former White House intern, Mary Caitrin Mahoney. On July 7 of last year, the bodies of the 25 year old Mahoney and two others, Emory Allen Evans (also age 25) and Aaron David Goodrich (age 18) were found at the Starbucks Coffee shop where Mahoney worked as a night manager. Evans and Goodrich also worked at the Starbucks, located in the relatively low crime area of Burleith, north of Georgetown in DC.

The store was not robbed. One local radio stationed reported that all three were shot in the head but that one body was riddled with bullets. Ms. Mahoney had recently fired an employee she suspected of taking money from the till. Nevertheless, some researchers added this murder to the statistically anomalous list of deaths associated with the Clinton administration. It happened in the days following Matt Drudge's initial leaks of Michael Isikoff's report on alleged Clinton sexual dalliances, which eventually led to the Lewinsky scandal. Also at the time, another former employer of Ms. Mahoney, Labor secretary Alexis Herman was under scrutiny for an alledged pay-off involving a satellite telephone system.


US Labor Secretary Herman denies corruption charges

By Jim Wolf

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Labor Secretary Alexis Herman Thursday denied corruption charges against her that could lead to the appointment of an independent counsel. ``I want you to know that these allegations are not true,'' she told reporters before leaving on a trip to New York with President Clinton. She said she would not let the charges, which she did not detail, distract her from her job.

Clinton told reporters he did not believe charges that Herman sold her influence and made a show of looking supportive throughout the day trip to New York, even sheltering the beleaguered Cabinet secretary under his umbrella at one point.

In an ABC television interview aired Wednesday night, a businessman said that he had once delivered an envelope containing an unspecified sum of cash to Herman's home when she was working as a Clinton White House aide.

The Cameroon-born businessman, Laurent Yene, currently of no known address, said the cash was a 10 percent cut of consulting fees given to him by a client seeking a federal license for a satellite-telephone system.

Herman noted the Justice Department, under the Independent Counsel Act, was obligated to look into any specific and credible allegation that a Cabinet member may have committed a crime.

``I accept that as a part of this job,'' she said. She said her lawyer Neil Eggleston told the Justice Department she would cooperate fully.

Herman and Clinton attended a business conference in New York on expanding economic opportunity to minorities and women, and Herman drew a standing ovation after her remarks.

The two discussed policy matters and the day's events on their trip back from New York on Air Force One, said White House spokesman Mike McCurry.

Aspects of Yene's dealings with Herman first surfaced in April 1997, before Clinton chose her as labor secretary. At the time she was director of the White House Office of Public Liaison, dealing with many special interest groups.

Yene was a part-owner of a consulting business with Vanessa Weaver, a longtime Herman friend who bought the firm from Herman when she took the White House job.

One of Weaver's lawyers, Jeffrey Fried, said Weaver sued Yene in July 1997, charging him with misappropriating funds, including cash withdrawals from their business, and making false charges about Weaver and her business.

Another of Weaver's lawyers, Lawrence Barcella, said Yene had for six months been ``ducking'' service of the lawsuit against him. Asked how Yene might be reached, Barcella laughed and said: ``Good luck.'' Efforts to reach him were unsuccessful.

The Justice Department's public integrity section is conducting the preliminary investigation to decide if an independent counsel should be named. Under the law, the attorney general has 90 days, once such a probe has begun, to decide whether to ask a special federal court to appoint a counsel to conduct a full investigation.

The law permits the Justice Department to extend the preliminary investigation for 60 days if necessary.

Clinton said ``I don't believe that for a minute,'' when asked on Thursday by a reporter if Herman might have taken cash to pedal influence in his administration.

McCurry said in a statement Wednesday that Clinton ''continues to have full faith and confidence in Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman.''

Reuters 21:24 01-15-98

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After a controversial delay, police ran DNA tests on the sneakers of their one suspect in the Mahoney murder, the disgruntled employee, but could not connect them to the crime. In December, three men were arrested for a related murder--that of an informant assisting police in the Starbucks case.


Washington Post, 9/30/97:

D.C. Police-Delayed Seizing Possible Starbucks Evidence

Shoes Had No Link to Slayings, Authorities Say

By Brian Mooar and Linda Wheeler

D.C. police acknowledged yesterday That homicide detectives failed to Seize a pair of shoes that belonged To a potential suspect and that had A dark stain immediately after the Triple slaying at the Starbucks coffee Shop in July. But officials said the Shoes were seized later and held no evidence related to the shootings.

The shoes belonged to a former employee of the Starbucks on Wiscon- sin Avenue in Northwest Washington's Burleith neighborhood. He was ques- tioned shortly after the shop's assistant manager and two other employees were found shot to death July 7 during what police have said may have been a robbery attempt.

A source familiar with the investi gation into the Starbucks killings said that a day or so after the inter- view, an evidence technician men- tioned that he had seen a stain that could have been blood on the former employee's shoes. Black-and-white photographs also showed the stain.

It was unclear whether the detec- tives failed to notice the stain or had dismissed It as not being relevant, the source said.

After the technician made his re- port, investigators obtained a war- rant to seize the footwear, a pair of white gym shoes, from the man's home. Subsequent tests performed by the FBI showed that the stain was not blood.

Sgt. Joe Gentile, a police spokesman, said the potential delay in test- ing did not affect the evidence. Al- though it is department policy not to discuss evidence in investigations, he said, officials felt it necessary to clarify some matters about the case in light of broadcast media reports.

"Did we take the footwear at the time? No, we did not," Gentile said. "We got a warrant to seize the footwear and sent it to a lab for analysis...The last word I got was there was no blood. There is no evidence at this time to link the footwear to Starbucks."

He said any bloodstains could not have been removed between the time of the interview and the time the shoes were taken by investigators.

The former employee was not arrested in the case.

That the shoes were not taken during the first interview with detectives was first reported yesterday by WTOP radio (1500 AM, 94.3 FM).

The report comes as the D.C. police homicide division is under intense scrutiny by police officials as a result of the squad's failure to close most of the cases it investigates-and allegations of abuse of overtime pay.

D.C. Police Chief Larry D. Soulsby, himself under pressure to improve the departments performance, recently replaced all the homicide division supervisors and announced he is looking nationwide for a new commander for the unit.

The Starbucks slayings are among the most prominent of the homicides in the city that have gone unsolved. No suspects have been identified by police.

Starbucks Coffee Co., of Seattle, has offered a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer of Mary Caitrin Mahoney, Aaron David Goodrich and Emory Allen Evans.

Saturday December 6 4:14 PM EST:

Starbucks murder informant killed

WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 [1997] (UPI) -- Three men were arrested Friday for allegedly killing an informant who was helping police solve the July slaying of three employees at a Georgetown Starbucks coffee shop. Police describe the informant (Saturday) as a cocaine user, and say he was attacked by several men who robbed and fatally beat him Thursday night.

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Clintonkill theories partly inspired Hilary Rodham Clinton's observation that a "vast right-wing conspiracy" lies behind the Lewinsky manipulations. Indeed, researchers did link the Mahoney murder to the deaths of Kathy Ferguson and Bill Sheldon, figures in the Paula Jones case obscured in the news by the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. As with Vince Foster, those deaths were ruled suicide. The murder accusations referred to by the first lady, however, involve Kevin Ives and Don Henry. Ives and Henry supposedly died after they stumbled upon the guns-and-drugs operation at the Mena, Arkansas air strip. A visibly corrupt medical examiner in Arkansas, named Fahmy Malak, supported by Clinton, ruled that the two young men died after smoking pot and falling asleep on railroad tracks. Conspiracy researchers know the Mena operation, of course, as an Ollie North/Bush-Reagan project that Clinton failed to investigate before marching on to the presidency.


TailGate, NaughtyGate, MonicaGate Clinton Scandal & Conspiracy [a/k/a ZipperGate]:

"Klinton Body Count":

Two Witnesses in Paula Jones Case Shot

Nicole Simpson murdered day after Paula Jones witness committed "suicide."

Two potential witnesses in the Paula Jones case were found shot in the head in 1994, although both deaths were ruled suicides. Their names were Kathy Ferguson and Bill Sheldon. Kathy Ferguson (died in May 1994) was the ex-wife of Arkansas state trooper Danny Ferguson, the man that escorted Paula Jones to Clinton s suite. Bill Sheldon was Kathy Ferguson s boyfriend who "allegedly" shot himself in June 1994, a day before Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered. Obviously the news media covered the more sensational of the two stories which would dominate the entire news media for the next year and a half. Only a handful of people know of the mysterious deaths of Kathy Ferguson and Bill Sheldon. In other words it is possible that O.J. Simpson may in fact be innocent of murdering his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. They may have been victims of "Murder Incorporated" at the behest of President Clinton. The motive for killing Nicole would have been to create the most sensational news story imaginable the day after a key witness in the Paula Jones civil suit Bill Sheldon -- was murdered. It was a diversionary tactic. Nicole Simpson s murder touched all of the hot buttons in the American psyche: racism, abused women, celebrities gone bad. Many called it the crime of the century. In addition, I recall that attorney Johnny Cochran questioned two former mobsters during the Simpson trial but the entire exchange was censored from the public. There has been little said or written about these two mobsters since. Could they have been the true killers?

Dave Sharp

"Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just think on these things." Phillippians 4:8.

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Mena remains a vast right-wing conspiracy that many are anxious to investigate, not just Jerry Falwell, a peripheral blow-hard whose name recognition Ms. Clinton exploited. Lesser known names, like that of Richard Mellon Scaife, were examined by the "Communications Stream of Conspiracy Commerce" report issued by the White House last January. Fallout of the Lewinsky affair included the observation that Scaife's family tree includes William Mellon Hitchcock, who bankrolled Timothy Leary's Millbrook commune.


Conspiracy Commerce

White House Cites Steamshovel Press

Steamshovel Press editor Kenn Thomas' article for the Washington Post, "Clinton Era Conspiracies" is among the first articles appearing in the 322-page White House Report entitled "Communications Stream of Conspiracy Commerce." The report made headlines in January when details emerged in Wall Street Journal (1) and the Washington Post (2) of its conspiratorial conclusions. The report suggests that right-wing ideologues report rumors get picked up by the British press--it singled out columnist Ambrose Evans- Pritchard--and transformed into hard news and reported in the mainstream US media, a magical "media food chain," without which apparently nothing bad would have ever been written about the Clinton administration. According to the Post, such a view "has long been expressed by Clinton strategist James Carville and other Clinton advisers" but the report "lays down the suspicion laden theories in cold-print, under the imprimatur of the White House."

Steamshovel once offered "Clinton Era Conspiracies" as a subscription premium. It deconstructed the give-and-take process of dealing with the Washington Post in Steamshovel Press #11 ("Things Are Gonna Slide: Post-partum Suppression"). Steamshovel concluded that it had minimized the inevitable watering down of info- underground reporting in a mainstream DC paper. It concluded, however, that the Post had stripped the article of important details and its presentation made it look like glib satire. The unedited essay now appears in the Steamshovel back-issue anthology, Popular Alienation (pp. 263-268). It certainly does not have its genesis in a right-wing think-tank, as the "Conspiracy Commerce" report might suggest.

Information from the Steamshovel article "INSLAW Octopus in Whitewater Currents," outlining the interest of the Clinton administration in the Danny Casolaro story, also found its way into the White House report second-hand, through an article by someone named Bixman who relied heavily on it.

The size and scope of "Communications Stream of Conspiracy Commerce" was obsfucated by The Nation magazine when it reported that "Mark Fabiani, then of the White House Counsel's office, aided by some lowly staffers at the Democratic National Committee, decided to illustrate the ["media food chain"] phenomenon and came up with 328 pages of supporting material. He added a two-and-a- half-page cover memo with the extremely infelicitous title...and began handing it to reporters..." (3) The report does primarily consist of photocopied newsclips and Internet download/print outs. It practically looks like the garden variety con zine of the 1990s. Pages of analysis accompany the photocopies, though, and ideology clearly informs the Nation's misrepresentation. But if White House counsel received its usual chunk of taxpayer money for the work, the xeroxing and net searching certainly left plenty of change for power lunch conspiracy chats. Interestingly, the White House does not make "Communications Stream of Conspiracy Commerce" available as a government document. It can only be had through the DNC, although Steamshovel will supply it to readers at cost.

As with much of what it reports, Steamshovel affirmed part of the White House "Communications Stream" conspiracy theory in issue #14, which appeared in Fall 1995. In "The Conspiracy Conspiracy", author Jack Burden discusses at length Floyd G. Brown, the public relations hack responsible for George Bush's "Willie Horton" ads, who is the first subject of deconstruction in the "Communications Stream" report. Burden writes:

"A huge amount of what you've read about Whitewater has not, contrary to what you may think, been dug up by the reporters whose bylines appear on the stories about the affair. The financial labyrinth of it all is too boring and time-consuming for your average journalist (or, for that matter, your average reader). [Steamshovel debris: Although it makes no direct connection with Brown, the "Communications Stream" report traces the money to Richard Mellon Scaife, who "uses the $800 million Mellon propagate extremist views" and was described by Wall Street Journal as a "conservative philanthropist." "Communications Stream" analyzes Wall Street Journal as a mouthpiece for Brown.] Most of the Whitewater press emanates from an organization called Citizens United, headed by a the 33 year old Brown, who looks like Rush Limbaugh's younger, more desperate brother.

"Brown describes himself simply as a concerned conservative and claims no affiliation with the Republican party. He admits to having a financial base of some $3 million, supposedly raised by direct mail solicitations. His organization works round the clock to unmask what he sees as the Clinton Menace, devoting most of its expensive energy to Whitewater. Brown and co. issue daily press releases and hourly fax updates on the topic. They have a Whitewater conspiracy press kit they send out to reporters that practically writes the story for them. If a reporter asks them to, they'll probably set the type and cook the coffee.

"Of course Brown and company are just doing this because they "want to see the truth come out." Mainstream Republicans are supposedly embarrassed and disgusted by Brown's sleazeball tactics and shameless taste for the smear.

"But check it out: The last time Republicans were "embarrassed" by Floyd G. Brown was in the 1988 election, when they were embarrassed all the way to the White House. It was Brown who produced the racist Willie Horton TV ad which practically won the election for George Bush singlehanded. When Bush was confronted with complaints that the ad combined racist stereotypes with outright lies, he too condemned it. The ad continued to run, however, because it was the "independent" work of Brown and so, supposedly, out of Bush's control. Thus Bush was able to benefit from a race-baiting appeal while giving lip service to its condemnation. Of course Brown, Bush and the rest of the "conservatives" involved in this incident were completely unacquainted with each other and just wanted to see the truth come out. Just ask Michael Dukakis.

"This is the way the game is played by the well-funded media manipulators of the right. Consequently, it's not surprising to see right-wingers like Limbaugh, Falwell and D'Amato promoting the Clinton conspiracy cartoon. What's disturbing is the way that people who should know better--members of the countercultural left- -have been sucked into the scam."

What distinguishes Burden's point of view from that of the "Communications Stream" report is the notion of blowback--that rumor reports by Brown and others are picked up by British tabloids and then concretized as hard news when the US press picks them up from Britain. Burdens argues instead that:

"Part of the psy ops strategy here is the exploitation of popular interest in conspiracy. Though mainstream rationalism would have it that American politics always proceeds in an open, orderly, democratic fashion--that conspiracy can't happen here--contemporary Americans know better. They've learned better. The Kennedy assassination seems to shriek conspiracy...Watergate was unquestionably a case of the C word, as was Iran-Contra. Conspiracies, at very high levels of the US establishment, do occur. This history has, understandably, made Americans profoundly suspicious of the words and deeds of the high and mighty.

"It has also contributed to the emergence of a new genre of popular culture, one we might call conspiracy noir. This genre is large and growing, and includes everything from the fiction of Robert Anton Wilson and Umberto Eco to TV shows like the X Files, Hollywood movies like JFK and comics like The Invisibles. Combining existential dread, political cynicism, fascinating occult mumbo jumbo and the sense of significant things hovering just beyond the veil, this genre has immense appeal as both entertainment and cultural myth.

"In Euro-American politics of the right, there is a tradition of conspiracy theory, an extremely checkered one. Far-rightists can always tell you the names and phone numbers of the members of the Ruling Cabal. And though such analyses are shrill, naively personalistic and often racist, they do arise from political conditions, of oppression and corruption, that are actual, though typically misread by the rightists."

Process aside, Burden considers the particulars of malfeasance and corruption that have been percolating about Clinton as having been over-reported, especially compared to the Teflon shield that protected serious examination of Iran-contra and other scandals of the previous Republican administrations. Whitewater, for instance, is "the kind of financial scam that the upper classes consider their birthright, the sort of thing for which the Republicans and the Wall Street Journal ordinarily give out medals." Burden says of the Iran-Contra airfield in Mena, Arkansas, "the stories...have the ring of credibility, given what else we know about Oliver's army [Oliver North]. The claim that then-Governor Clinton knew about and approved the use of the airstrip by the North network is a bit flimsier, but let's assume it's true. Does this mean that Clinton is part of what the Christic Institute calls the `secret team'? Is he a national security neofascist of Ollie North proportions? And if he is, then why are North and his political cronies working so mightily to destroy Clinton?"

It could well be argued that American politics now seemingly consists of internecine warfare and false dialogue among equally reprehensible politicos on supposedly varied ends of the spectrum. The process by which covert information becomes rumor, becomes news report and then becomes canon for any real public political dialogue that remains can only be described subjectively in a report like "Communications Stream". The report in effect tells the White House that there's nothing wrong, only right-wing rumors bent out of proportion by British blowback.

Buried in the Wall Street Journal coverage of the "Communications Stream" report, however, is the story of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, two kids who may have been killed because they happened upon the drugs-and-guns operation in Mena. No rumor here: those kids are dead and Fahmy Malak, the Clinton-supported medical examiner who declared that they fell asleep on railroad tracks after smoking pot, was visibly corrupt. The US attorney in Little Rock, Paula Casey, has done nothing to investigate the deaths. Unlike the Paula Jones picadillo and the Whitewater brouhaha, the story has not been caught up the "communication stream of conspiracy commerce", even though it fits neatly into what has been suspected about Mena by conspiracy students for many years. If it never emerges from the small reportage in the obviously partisan Wall Street Journal and on The Mena Connection, a videotape with oral history documentation Little Rock local news footage that circulates in the info-underground, will the White House communication conspiracy theory be put to rest?


(1) Morrison, Micah, "White House Heat on Whitewater Beat," Wall Street Journal, January 6, 1997

(2) Harris, John F. and Baker, Peter, "White House Asserts a Scandal Theory," Washington Post, January 10, 1997

(3) "Full-Court Press: A Stupidity Conspiracy," The Nation, February 10, 1997, p. 5

"VAST Right-Wing Conspiracy"

"Scaife, a fourth-generation heir to the Mellon fortune, is a billionaire who has funded numerous anti-Clinton ventures ..."

So, who's this Richard Mellon Scaife? Who are these Mellons?

When the OSS was first founded, Dulles protege Bill Casey (CIA director after Bonesman George Bush) presided over the European theatre, where covert operations were financed by Wall Street "nobility" from Anglophile Skull and Bones families. For example, Junius Morgan (son of J. P.) was OSS "treasurer." Casey's job later passed to David Bruce of Chase Manhattan and Kuhn-Loeb, early member of the Council on Foreign Relations and, via British Intelligence's Sir William Wiseman, member also of the "Rhodes Society." Bruce's brother-in-law was PAUL MELLON, millionaire banker [son of Andrew Mellon, Hoover's Treasury Secretary and ambassador to Great Britain] and OSS station chief in London, liaison to British Intelligence.

"After the war, certain influential members of the Mellon family maintained close ties with the CIA. The Mellon family foundations have been used repeatedly as conduits for Agency funds. Furthermore, Richard Helms was a frequent weekend guest of the Mellon patriarchs in Pittsburgh during his tenure as CIA director (1966-1973)." --Acid Dreams, Martin A. Lee and Bruce Schlain

Another member of the CIA-allied Mellon family was WILLIAM MELLON HITCHCOCK, Timothy Leary's "Godfather" and "the Daddy Warbucks of the Counterculture." In the early 60s, Billy Mellon-Hitchock almost singlehandedly bankrolled mass-production and distribution of LSD (which, hardly by coincidence, was at the time the subject of testing by the CIA's secret MK- ULTRA program) -- financing this effort through known CIA fronts like Castle Bank in the Bahamas [founded by Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt's onetime boss, Paul Helliwell, paymaster for the Bay of Pigs invasion], the Meyer Lansky syndicate's bank of choice for its money-laundering. Its special clientele also included Miami mob ally Bebe Rebozo, President Richard M. Nixon, Nixon campaign contributor and Golden Triangle heroin druglord Robert Vesco, the CIA's George Bush, and certain anti-Castro Cubans ... --ibid., pp. 242-246; also Lyndon LaRouche's Dope, Inc.

The Hoover Institution near Stanford University, a right-wing "think- tank" which masterminded the campaigns to elect both Ronald Reagan and George Bush, has long been a favored recipient of funding from the SARAH MELLON SCAIFE Foundation.

Sitting on its board of directors in 1963, when the Hoover Institution was searching for a Republican candidate to succeed the newly assassinated John F. Kennedy, was none other than RICHARD MELLON SCAIFE.

By the 1980s, when the Hoover Institution was plotting the candidacy of George Bush, its directorate read like an OSS/CIA reunion. [By the way, there WAS such a reunion in London in 1981, where ex-OSS operatives like Margaret Thatcher and CIA boss Bill Casey toasted old times, and NEW times under Reagan-Bush.]

Its directors included Emil Mosbacher Jr, State Department chief of protocol under Nixon, whose brother Robert was then co-chairman of the Republican National Committee and the national chairman of "Bush for President"; William B. Macomber Jr, CIA, once special assistant to John Foster Dulles and Ambassador to Iran; Philip Habib, Reagan's special ambassador to the Middle East; A. Carol Kotchian, president of Lockheed (implicated in CIA scandals throughout the '80s); Donald Rumsfield, RAND and CIA, right-hand man to Richard Nixon and special NATO representative; Hewlett-Packard's David Packard, like his predecessor Thomas Watson of IBM (OSS) "consultant" employed by the NSA and CIA; and directors of two other conservative think tanks --largely staffed by CFR members and Anglophile OSS/CIA veterans like William F. Buckley. Jeane Kirkpatrick (husband in OSS) and General Alexander Haig-- the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation.

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The conspiracy is quite vast and Steamshovel urges readers to click on the hyperlinks above for a more full picture of it.

Thanks to Loren Coleman and Das Goat for information in this report.

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