Revising Reality

A lecture by Jim Keith, delivered in Reno, Nevada, on November 29, 1998 at the Planet 9 coffeehouse.

A few weeks ago here at Planet 9, during a presentation by remote viewer Wayne Carr, I suggested to him that if remote viewers could travel to any point in the past, present, or future -- and the experimental data seems to suggest that is true -- then it would be theoretically possible for those persons to revise the past, present, or future. If remote viewers have the ability to look at things without the necessity of using their bodily senses, without limitations of time or space, then they theoretically might have the power to influence those conditions. And if they could revise space and time without any limitations, then there are quite a few human problems that could be handled once and for all.

So I've been thinking about this. It could be done as a project that was roughly equivalent to the process of psychological therapy, but on a planetary or galactic scale. Remember, we're talking about remote viewers here, who are theoretically not affected by solar systems and black holes and such. The theory is that you might be able to erase events that had been harmful to or degraded consciousness or life forms on this planet, or in this galaxy or universe, and clean up the world a bit, make it a nicer place to live in, and answer all of our questions about the nature of reality, to boot.

Wayne seemed to think that was an interesting idea that I had. Actually it is something that I have been thinking about off and on for over 25 years now, spurred on in part my my involvement in Scientology 1972-82. Back in those days I thought of these possibilities in terms of "auditing," which is the Scientological term for counselling, and getting rid of traumatizing events that took place in your past. The theory is that by fully viewing something, or understanding something that has caused you trouble, you will assimilate or vanish or integrate the material, so that it no longer hangs you up. Pretty standard Freudian psychological counselling except for, of course, the fact that Scientology figures most of your problems came from previous lifetime. In order to really get out of the woods, they suggest, you have to delve into this previous lifetimes stuff and confront the "whole track"--dealing with the last 76 trillion years or so. Scientology is the last thing I would recommend that anyone get involved in, but I'm just describing the thought processes that led me to consider this possibility.

Back to remote viewing: If one can actually remote view events at a distance both in space and time, and the remote viewers say that this is so, and I personally believe the possibility exists, then you have landed smack dab in the middle of a philosophical quandary that not many remote viewers delve into, or think about, particularly. I do know that not many of them talk about it. The question is, if we can get out of the body, or at least perceive outside of the limitations of the bodily senses, what does this say about our nature, about what we really are?

If we can, as most remote viewers seem to think, travel through space and time freely and without limitation, then how does this ultimately impact on our view of what we are, who we are, what we can be? The answer, obviously, is that if remote viewing is a fact, then the strong likelihood is that our identities are not defined by our bodies. That we aren't ultimately human bodies limited to Earth and born to live out an existence of 70-odd years and then to die miserable deaths from lumbago.

If you can view things outside the limitations of the physical senses, then this suggests you are not limited by or defined by the body. Obviously, given the limitations of current technology, you can't take your physical body back to the paleozoic and cavort among the trilobites or whatever existed back then, so you are visiting these other times and places sans body. Again, this suggests that we are non-physical beings, what might be called spirits or spiritual entities. It suggests that we have for one reason or another become identified with or interiorized into a body, but also that we are ultimately not that body.

Lots of religions and philosophies have had this same view, but many of them have decided that we possess something like an "astral body" and we're linked by a silver cord to the body, and so forth. In other words, they're willing to believe that we are not composed of material substance, but they are not willing to go all the way and say that we are completely unlimited in terms of our condition and our manifestations. They probably figure this is the road to madness, to entertain the idea that you don't necessarily have any particular shape and condition and form. These religions see us as ultimately sort of ghosts with far greater powers than are normally conceived of as being possessed by humans, but still limited in certain ways. Kind of ethereal creatures. We can, they seem to think, fly around outside the bod, go through time and space, but we remain kind of coherent semi-physical packages. Many of these philosophies even believe that we exist in what they call a "subtle body" or astral body, or a condition that roughly conforms to the shape of a body, but is not limited by all of the characteristics of a physical body.

Well, who really knows about any of this stuff? Thinking logically here, it would seem to me that if we can get outside the body and still retain consciousness, then our shape, our character, our beingness, would not be limited to any body conceptions whatsoever, or any conceptions, period. We would exist in essentially whatever type of shape or condition or form that we desired... or at least that we were able to cope wth without being sent to the spin bin. We could define our nature, more or less as we pleased, so long as we had cured ourselves of the hangup of believing that the body defined our nature. Ultimately, it may be that we can define our own nature, as well as our own reality, the kind of circumstances we exist in, our lifespan or spans, and the only thing that really limits us is our own limited self conception.

This is really the first statement of these materials that I have made, and it's all rather rough-shod, and intended to be that way. Kind of a Cliff Notes version of these ideas until I have them carved on emerald tablets and all that.

As I said, I'm fantasizing about a loose-knit project for psychoanalyzing the universe and getting it back on its feet. This might involve one person doing the remote viewing, it might involve a team or teams of remote viewers. It might involve getting help from chanelled entities, for all I know, although that would really open up a bucket of worms. It isn't necessary that I describe exactly how this process would be done, just toss the idea out that it might be possible to do it, and some simple concepts about how it might be done, and then get out of the way and perhaps let this stuff percolate on its own.

In fact, a project of this nature might not even have to be put into effect for it to provide some benefits to the life forms on this world. Just the communication of the possibility that it could be accomplished might be of some help, and set people to thinking about ideas that would be liberating to them. And there is the other possibility -- which may not be plain to everyone -- that with the greater possibilities of mass consciousness, or higher consciousness that stands behind smaller, more limited manifestations like humanity or examples of humanity -- that simply bringing the idea forward of a galactic rehab project using remote viewers -- call it the Galactic Process -- will set off repercussions throughout time and many dimensions.

Reality in a crude analogy, might be seen as a resonating crystal and it may be that anything that affects one part of the crystal more or less instantaneously affects every other portion of the crystal at some level. If time and space are illusions, as many physicists and mystics seem to think, there should be no problem with instantaneous information propagation in infinity, since that infinity would in truth be a single point.

What would be the basics of putting a project like this together? Who would do it? How could it be done? How would it be organized? Would you all wear little Star Trek shoulder patches? How could you make a few bucks off of it?

The first thing you would need is a technique in mind by which a remote viewer could vanish traumatic events in the past from the mass consciousness. This, I think, is do-able. There are a number of techniques that I am familiar with that might work in this respect, and certainly there is no limit on brainstorming new techniques.

What you probably don't want to get involved with is using force to handle the physical universe. In other words, let's say you determine that the big hangup in this sector is some terrible event that took place two hundred billion years ago, where aliens from the planet Mars enslaved all humanity and put implants into them to be good little boys and girls and forget all about the implant. You don't necessarily want to go back to that time and use mental energy to blow up all the aliens. You would be using force to handle force, which tends to create chaos, and actually given the nature of these aliens, each part of their body grows again and so you have lots and lots of little aliens running around.

You also probably don't want to get real creative and figure out ways to, oh, have John Wilkes Booth misplace his gun before he heads out for the Ford Theatre. You know, he gets ready to shoot Lincoln and can't find his gun and gets all flustered and asks him for his autograph instead. That kind of approach would seem to have a limited workability, too.

The basic key here -- and I am open to new ideas on the subject, so feel free to offer them -- is that chaotic complexes in the fabric of space and time, traumatic circumstances, can be cleared up by integrating them, by "understanding them" into the non-physical matrix of consciousness. This works on the individual level of working out all the knots in a person's brain, all the way up to the physical universe itself, by harmonizing or opening up energetic flow and limiting chaotic energy manifestations. Handling potholes in the road.

The preferred technique for handling these kinds of traumatic events, so far as I can see, is similar to the Freudian conception. By perception. Not by blasting things with energy beams. By fully perceiving the area until the "illusion" of separation falls away. This is returning to the idea that time and space are illusions. That time and space in reality are something like ideas within the cosmic mind and that, like ideas, they can be freely revised at will if you're not too neurotic on the topic. That when you perceive something fully, it vanished into the actuality of -- oh, let's call it the zero point cosmic mind. That's sufficiently Buck Rogers sounding, I guess.

You would need one or more participants, who either are already capable remote viewers or would be willing to learn or open up to the possiblity of this Galactic Process. You might want to put a limited time on the project, say a year or so, and then after that you would tabulate what has been accomplished and decide where you want to go from there.

Anyway, this is the barest of bare bones on this idea, but I wanted to tell you about it while it was new and fresh in my mind.

Jim Keith is the author of Mind Control and UFOs: Casebook on Alternative 3, and other works on conspiracy and the paranormal. His books are available from Illuminet Press at


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