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Steamshovel Press has in its files videotape from 1982 of the late, great Timothy Leary sitting in the "Crossfire" between Patrick Buchanan and Tom Braden, the original talking heads on that still popular CNN debate program. In the end they agree that Dr. Leary had led a "wasted life" (Braden's phrase). Years later Leary would complain that the full spectrum of political views on the program ran from left-wing of the CIA to the right wing. The behind-the-scenes connections were more interesting than the program. Leary had been a friend of Mary Pinchot Meyer, JFK's last lover and the one who turned him on to psychedelic drugs. Braden had been in the same business as Cord Meyer, Jr., Mary's ex-husband. Cord Meyer succeeded Braden as the chief of International Organizations Division. IOD was a CIA sponsored front for manipulating international groups. It served as part of the covert arsenal to engineer the New World Order. Meyer's name has come up several times recently. According to J. Orlin Grabbe, Meyer recruited Bill Clinton for covert work while stationed in London. Lobster presented some new information on Meyer in its latest issue, and that led to some correspondence on this web site (see "Cord Meyer and the New World Order" in Previous Latest Words page.) This provides the opportunity below to direct Steamshovel reader attention to a new Feral House book by Alex Constantine, Virtual Government. The book is a remarkable study of CIA psyops and mind control and comes highly recommended. It includes discussion of Cord Meyer's role in a mass mind control program called Operation Mockingbird. Meyer's work for the "liberal" cause to create a world government is everywhere tinged with "conservative" cause of the covert world. In a conversation with Burton Hersh about Cord Meyer's relationship with the infamous James Jesus Angleton, Tom Braden once said "Jim sucked Cord Meyer in, in my view. Cord Meyer became not only a great admirerer, but also believer." (The Old Boys, 1992) Hersh also had this to say about Mary Pinchot Meyer's murder: Angleton's obsession with nurturing his friends started people referring to him quite openly as "Mother." "When Cord Meyer's ex-wife Mary was murdered while exercising on the path next to the Potomac canal," one bystander alleges, "Angleton had already let himself into her house with a key he kept to the place even before the cops turned up. I think he was after paper he knew she kept in her bedroom which had to do with her affair with John Kennedy." For a more in-depth view of both Cord Meyer, Jr. and Tom Braden, Steamshovel presents an excerpt from U. S. Foreign Intelligence by Charles D. Ameringer (Lexington, Massachusetts: Lexington Books, 1990.)

Virtual Government by Alex Constantine available from Feral House, see Recommended Links below

I . M 0 C K I N G B I R D G A T E So the muckrakers were suppressed, the newspapers were reduced, brought into safe hands, writers were controlled, books privately censored, publishing houses bought into and influenced, peace societies and philanthropic and educational foundations linked up with financial houses and the universities by interlocking directorates, our university teachers kept looking forward to pensions, young recalcitrants dismissed or set in their places ... -Porter Sargent, "What Makes Lives" The seeding of public opinion, often explained (when the straining dams of secrecy leak) as a necessary reaction to Communism, has since served to conceal the criminalization of the intelligence agencies. The CIA's early forays into mind control experimentation on unconsenting subjects, for example, were justified by an ersatz cover story that POWs of the Korean War had been "brainwashed" by their captors. In fact, the Army investigation was unable to document a single case of "brainwashing' among the prisoners released by the North Koreans. The word was coined by Edward Hunter, a veteran OSS propagandist recruited by Dulles, the Nazi-collaborating oligarch who, in fact, conceived of MOCKINGBIRD as a mass mind control operation. The Korean War itself was urged along by propaganda oozing from the front pages of the country's leading newspapers. A detailed study of the disinformation assault, I. F. Stone's Hidden History of the Korean War, first appeared in 1952. The book sold well overseas, but in the States, as explained in a note from the publisher in later editions, it "met with an almost complete press blackout and boycott. The book has almost entirely disappeared, even from public libraries, and it rare turns up in the second-hand book market." The muckracking era was yesterday's coffee grounds--corporate franchising of the print media saw to it. "When it began," lamented George Seldes in 1000 Americans, a survey of American corporate power published in 1947, muckraking journalism had advocates in "A people who had the general welfare at heart, but as the probes went deeper and further, and seemed to spare none of the hidden powers, the politicians as well as other spokesmen for money, business and profiteering turned savagely upon the really free press and destroyed it... Trash may indeed be the opium of the people, but it was not the real aim of the magazines to stupefy the public, merely to suppress the facts, merely to pullify, to create a wasteland." A Niagara of pro-American propaganda sponsored by the U.S. Information Agency (USIA), a CIA symbiont, shaped domestic and foreign political sensibilities beginning in the early 1950s. In this period, a niagara of books with USIA funding were disseminated by Praeger, Inc., the Franklin Press and other publishing houses bearing, of course, no indication of their actual origin. By the mid-Reagan era, the USIA would spend nearly a billion dollars per anum to export propagandizing magazines, books (an average of three million a year) and exhibitions. The Agency sponsored ten magazines and commercial bulletins in twenty languages, including Topic (South Africa) and a radio teletype network that disseminated propaganda to 159 outlets overseas. Some 200 films acquired from private domestic studios were distributed, and a television program entitled Worldnet. The CIA came to dominate the Monopoly board of the corporate press, and drew a card from the stack marked with that monocled millionaire in the top hat (bearing a curious resemblance to Allen Dulles) calling for a strategy of psychological warfare, the art of calculated deceit, often with catastrophic results. Cord Meyer, Jr., the ranking Mockingbird in Europe, then a Newsweek correspondent, swung widely throughout Europe inciting student and union protests. "This localized psychological warfare is ultimately, of course, warfare against the Russians," Davis emphasized, "who are presumed to be the source of every leftist political sentiment in Italy, France, the entire theater of Meyer's operations. In Eastern Europe his aim [was] to foment rebellion. (Steamshovel Debris: Click here for a Portland Free Press report on Gloria Steinem's early connection to this operation.) In 1956, "the CIA learns that the Soviets will indeed kill 60,000 MOCKINGBIRD-roused Hungarians with armored ranks."' Nevertheless, Radio Free Europe urged the people of Hungary to resist the Kremlin, the conclusion of an investigative committee of the UN: Many Hungarians "had the feeling that Radio Free Europe promised help." They believed military aid from the West would arrive to back an uprising. On November 5, a year later, a dry, unsteady voice crackled through the static of a Hungarian radio station: Attention: Radio Free Europe, hello. Attention. This is Roka speaking. The radio of revolutionary youth Continual bombing. Help. help. help Radio Free Europe forward our request. Forward our news. Help... And on November 6, another broadcast: We appeal to the conscience of the world. Why cannot you hear the call for help of our murdered women and children? Have you received our transmission? Attention! Attention! Munich! Munich! Take immediate action. In the Dunapentele area we urgently need medicine, bandages, arms, food and ammunition. The final transmission, 24 hours later: Must we appeal once again? We have wounded ... who have given their blood for the sacred cause of liberty, but we have no bandages ... no medicine. The last piece of bread has been eaten. Those who have died for liberty ... accuse you who are able to help and who have not helped. We have read an appeal to the UN and every honest man. Radio Free Europe, Munich! Radio Free Europe, Munich ... Operation MOCKINGBIRD was an immense financial undertaking. Funds flowed from the CIA largely through the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), founded by Tom Braden, a "liberal" who would make his mark as a syndicated columnist and co-host of CNN's Crossfire opposite Ultracon Pat Buchanan. The CCF was founded in June, 1950 by prominent academics assembled in Berlin's U.S. zone at the Titania Palace Theater. The CCF, directed by Denis de Rougemont, was formed to "defend freedom and democracy against the new tyranny sweeping the world." About 20 periodicals were financed by the front, including Encounter in the UK, The New Leader, Africa Report and El Mundo Nuevo in Latin America. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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