"VAST Right-Wing Conspiracy"

"Scaife, a fourth-generation heir to the Mellon fortune, is a billionaire who has funded numerous anti-Clinton ventures ..." So, who's this Richard Mellon Scaife? Who are these Mellons? When the OSS was first founded, Dulles protege Bill Casey (CIA director after Bonesman George Bush) presided over the European theatre, where covert operations were financed by Wall Street "nobility" from Anglophile Skull and Bones families. For example, Junius Morgan (son of J. P.) was OSS "treasurer." Casey's job later passed to David Bruce of Chase Manhattan and Kuhn-Loeb, early member of the Council on Foreign Relations and, via British Intelligence's Sir William Wiseman, member also of the "Rhodes Society." Bruce's brother-in-law was PAUL MELLON, millionaire banker [son of Andrew Mellon, Hoover's Treasury Secretary and ambassador to Great Britain] and OSS station chief in London, liaison to British Intelligence. "After the war, certain influential members of the Mellon family maintained close ties with the CIA. The Mellon family foundations have been used repeatedly as conduits for Agency funds. Furthermore, Richard Helms was a frequent weekend guest of the Mellon patriarchs in Pittsburgh during his tenure as CIA director (1966-1973)." --"Acid Dreams," Martin A. Lee and Bruce Schlain Another member of the CIA-allied Mellon family was WILLIAM MELLON HITCHCOCK, Timothy Leary's "Godfather" and "the Daddy Warbucks of the Counterculture." In the early 60s, Billy Mellon-Hitchock almost singlehandedly bankrolled mass-production and distribution of LSD (which, hardly by coincidence, was at the time the subject of testing by the CIA's secret MK- ULTRA program) -- financing this effort through known CIA fronts like Castle Bank in the Bahamas [founded by Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt's onetime boss, Paul Helliwell, paymaster for the Bay of Pigs invasion], the Meyer Lansky syndicate's bank of choice for its money-laundering. Its special clientele also included Miami mob ally Bebe Rebozo, President Richard M. Nixon, Nixon campaign contributor and Golden Triangle heroin druglord Robert Vesco, the CIA's George Bush, and certain anti-Castro Cubans ... --ibid., pp. 242-246; also Lyndon LaRouche's "Dope, Inc." The Hoover Institution near Stanford University, a right-wing "think- tank" which masterminded the campaigns to elect both Ronald Reagan and George Bush, has long been a favored recipient of funding from the SARAH MELLON SCAIFE Foundation. Sitting on its board of directors in 1963, when the Hoover Institution was searching for a Republican candidate to succeed the newly assassinated John F. Kennedy, was none other than RICHARD MELLON SCAIFE. By the 1980s, when the Hoover Institution was plotting the candidacy of George Bush, its directorate read like an OSS/CIA reunion. [By the way, there WAS such a reunion in London in 1981, where ex-OSS operatives like Margaret Thatcher and CIA boss Bill Casey toasted old times, and NEW times under Reagan-Bush.] Its directors included Emil Mosbacher Jr, State Department chief of protocol under Nixon, whose brother Robert was then co-chairman of the Republican National Committee and the national chairman of "Bush for President"; William B. Macomber Jr, CIA, once special assistant to John Foster Dulles and Ambassador to Iran; Philip Habib, Reagan's special ambassador to the Middle East; A. Carol Kotchian, president of Lockheed (implicated in CIA scandals throughout the '80s); Donald Rumsfield, RAND and CIA, right-hand man to Richard Nixon and special NATO representative; Hewlett-Packard's David Packard, like his predecessor Thomas Watson of IBM (OSS) "consultant" employed by the NSA and CIA; and directors of two other conservative think tanks --largely staffed by CFR members and Anglophile OSS/CIA veterans like William F. Buckley. Jeane Kirkpatrick (husband in OSS) and General Alexander Haig-- the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation.