From Steamshovel Press #8:

Mae Brussel:

Secret Service Files On The Queen of ConspiracyTheorists

by X. Sharks DeSpot

"We are identical to Germany in 1932...Nothing is natural today. Billions are going into creating divisions, terror, to make headlines, to spread confusion and fear."(1) If ever there was a time Mae Magnin Brussell summed up her view of the world, that was it. The country, indeed the whole world, was being transformed into a police state, a gigantic conspiracy which was responsible for almost every disturbing event. As her obituary stated: "Ms. Brussell contended that the Kennedy assassinations, Martin Luther King's assassination, the (Charles) Manson family murders, the Chappaquiddick affair and the Patricia Hearst kidnapping were all set into motion by the far right, the CIA, the FBI and the Mafia under a massive conspiracy to discredit the left and establish a fascist state."(2) This, along with her speaking style, condemned Mae Brussell to minority status. She may not have been, as an FBI agent said, a "crank", but she was on the political fringe throughout her twenty five year long career. Most people, regardless of political affiliation and ideology, simply do not see the country as being on the verge of fascism. She did have several advantages. First and foremost is that she was a true believer. Most of the 120 pages which make up her Secret Service file were generated because she called them. More than half the file's bulk would not exist if she had simply refrained from sending letters to presidents, calling up various police agencies, or visiting Maureen Reagan, daughter of the then-president Ronald Reagan. Someone who was only interested in the publicity would probably have lost interest in what she did as she became old news. If she had been trying to make money, she simply would not have invited trouble by annoying the Secret Service as often as she did. This, I think, was because she was topical. She spent a large amount of time simply clipping magazine articles and cross- referencing them with her ever-growing collection of newspaper clipping and books. As a result, she was usually very up-to-date, focusing on Watergate and Howard Hughes during the 1970s, and then changing her emphasis to Contragate during the 1980s. She provided a fresh conspiratorial topic with each of her weekly radio shows: cattle mutilations; the House Select Committee on Assassinations; Interpol; the Jonestown Guyana massacre; and on and on. There was hardly a conspiratorial topic which she did not cover. Her confidence in conspiracy theories never ended because conspiracy theories kept coming up. Her United States Secret Service file begins some time after May 20, 1973. The first thing in the file is a letter from Mae Brussell to President Richard M. Nixon, asking that he stop by and discuss with her the problems of the nation. The letter gives one the feeling of having walked into the middle of a play but having missed the beginning. This is because of... To read the rest of this article and the others listed on the contents page of Steamshovel Press #8, order the back issue. $5 post paid from Steamshovel Press, POB 23715, St. Louis, MO 63121 Steamshovel Press Home Page