The Wink*

*From Steamshovel Press #12: An example of the weird mix of brilliant technical detail and lousy assassination history comes early in the book [Pictures of the Pain by Richard Trask] when Trask interviews White House photographer Cecil Stroughton about the swearing-in of LBJ. Trask virtually pinpoints the exact frame in which Stroughton switches from his Alpha to his Hasselblad camera. The images are beautifully reproduced from the contact prints, save one that Trask explains as being reproduced from a copy negative. This is the "wink" photograph, a shot of LBJ receiving a wink from Congressman Albert Thomas after the swearing-in, with all the onerous implications it has in David Lifton's Best Evidence, where the photo appeared in 1980. Trask supplies no reason why this particular negative original is missing, no indication that he asked Stoughton about it, no suggestion that he is even aware of its controversy, despite references to Lifton in the same chapter. Click on the photo to get up close and personal.