Steamshovel Contributor Jim Keith Makes Reno Headlines: Photos of Suspect Released: Attempt to Put on Human Face

The Reno-Gazette Journal had occasion in its June 26 edition to interview Jim Keith, known to Steamshovel Press readers for his "Virtually Reality" column and articles on Philip K. Dick and William Bramley's book, Gods of Eden. Keith has long been a denizen of the marginals publishing milieu. He edited the well-remembered zine Dharma Combat and has compiled books on the Gemstone Files, Alternative Three and a collection of arcane documents entitled Secret and Suppressed. His current book, Black Helicopters Over America, is available from IllumiNet Press. Keith is now collaborating on a volume about Danny Casolaro with Steamshovel editor Kenn Thomas. The Journal ran a color photo of Keith on its front page, next to a mug shot of Timothy McVeigh (the headline above actually refers to McVeigh.) In addition to its interview with Keith, the newspaper ran a side bar article on the difficulty of explaining conspiracy theories to skeptics of the "I know everything, ask me this question variety. The newspaper story is posted as three gifs. Page One Page Two Page Three * * *